Games That Should Be Remade: Burning Rangers

I bet these guys would be difficult to cosplay as.

You know what one of the toughest jobs is? In my opinion, it’s being a firefighter. You always need to be on standby, you deal with destruction and possibly death on a daily basis, and you need to be extremely prepared for any situation that may cause a problem. Much like most extremely dangerous professions, firefighting has made its way into video-games. The biggest example is the hidden-gem known as Burning Rangers.

Not to be confused with Power Rangers, Burning Rangers was a Sega Saturn game where you played as members of a galactic firefighting team. It’s a third-person shooter where you put out fires and rescue people. This involves using a jet-pack to glide around and dodge fires, as the whole area explodes around you.

It’s a thrilling experience, with a lot of excitement and action. To be honest though, I’ve never actually played it. Burning Rangers was a Sega Saturn exclusive, and I didn’t own a Saturn growing up. On top of this, the game didn’t sell well at all. Heck, I didn’t even know about it until I played Phantasy Star Online! PSO had a side-quest in which you put out fires while the Burning Rangers theme played in the background, it was truly amazing.

That was how I discovered Burning Rangers, just by hearing that one song in my favorite game. I remember replaying the “Central Dome Fire Swirl” side-quest dozens of times just to hear that song over and over again as a kid. I later discovered that there were alternate versions of this song, all of which were amazing. Yes, I got hooked on a game that I had never played just by hearing one song.

It sucks that I never really got the chance to play Burning Rangers, and I feel that the time is ripe for a remake or HD re-imagining. Having a version of this game that is not only playable on new consoles, but with a slick new coat of paint would be enticing. After all, the game has gained a bit of a cult status over time, despite its abysmally weak sales. Sega themselves seem to look fondly upon the game, due to the constant references it receives in other Sega properties. Even the developers have expressed interest in remaking it, as long as the Nights HD remake sells well.

I’d honestly love to actually play this game at some point. Hopefully, Nights HD sells well and we finally get that Burning Rangers remake that people have been clamoring for. I know that a project like that would probably be in the pipelines for a while, but I’m definitely willing to wait. Hopefully, it would be another 20 year wait for the remake, because I doubt Sega would still even exist by then. As long as people remember this game though, I don’t think it will ever truly be extinguished. Terrible pun, I know.


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