Castlevania 2017 Episode 1 Review

Reminds me of the Daredevil title card.

If there’s something I love when it comes to television, its shows that focus on depicting olden times. Sure, I love a modern piece as much as the next guy, but I always prefer my shows being focused on fictionalized versions of the past. Recently, it was announced there would be an anime based off a game series that takes place in such a time. Now, I have no history with Castlevania. In fact, the only CV game I ever played was “Order of Ecclesia”. I definitely enjoyed the game, but it never managed to make me a fan of series.

This all changed just today, when Castlevania received an anime adaptation on Netflix. I honestly loved this show, quite a bit. I binged all 4 episodes in just one day and had a ton of fun doing it. So, I thought I’d spend this week reviewing each individual episode. So yeah, I’m going to tackle season 1 right here right now. I’ll try to avoid major spoilers, but certain minor spoilers may be unavoidable, so you’ve been warned.


The show begins by showing us a young woman named Lisa venturing to Dracula’s castle. She’s doing this so she can not only learn more of the sciences that the world’s religion had kept hidden from her, but also connect with the denizen of the castle: Lord Dracula himself. Lisa and the vampire lord of darkness connect, and Dracula decides to take Lisa’s advice and travel the world.

However, when the vampire lord returns he discovers that his love had been taken from her. Enraged by the villagers who have killed the only light in his life, Dracula swears revenge. This results in a war waged by Dracula and his minions from hell, all in pursuit of petty revenge.

Stuff I Liked

  • The animation is pretty freaking solid, with action scenes looking pretty dang fluid. It’s pretty clear that a lot of the budget went into making the show look good.
  • Backgrounds are nicely designed and pop well, especially with the dark imagery the show presents.
  • This is a minor thing, but I really liked how personable Dracula is to the first human brave enough to walk right up to the front door. He’s a monster, but he’s not a monster about manners!

Stuff I Didn’t Like

  • We don’t really see all that much of the inside of Dracula’s castle. We see the main hall and the science lab, but we don’t really get a good look of what else was inside there.
  • Lisa feels like she could’ve had a bit more development before her untimely fate. We only see her for a few minutes, right before her demise.
  • Alucard only appears in this episode for what feels like a minute, which sucks. We only see him again at the end of season 1.

Stuff That Was Meh

  • Dracula’s design. I’m definitely liking the beard, but other than that, I wasn’t a huge fan of how he looked. Felt a bit too generic, in my opinion.
  • The villains of this episode were just generic dudes from the church, I wish they were developed more. At the very least, the show-writers gave them a good reason for doing what they are doing. At least, a good reason in the eyes of people would have existed during this time period.

In Short

Fantastic first episode for this series! Good animation, good character design, good overall stuff. I just wish the villains were a bit more developed, and that we could’ve seen more of Dracula’s sweet castle. Still, fantastic pilot all around! I plan on covering the other three episodes as well, so stay tuned for those!


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