Bomberman Jetters: An Extremely Forgotten Gem

After watching the Castlevania anime a few days back, I’ve been craving more anime based off Konami games. There are a few, but sadly not too many. There is one I can think of though, and it ranks as one of my favorite shows of all time. Sure, it wasn’t a Konami owned series at the time, but it sure is now! Few series have been explosive (pun intended) as this one. I’m talking about Bomberman Jetters, one of my favorite forgotten shows.

Gotta love ‘dat crazy art-style!

Bomberman Jetters is one of those rare shows that’s made for kids, but becomes darker as the show progresses. Those last few episodes are actually legitimately sad, which is something that few Bomberman series can manage to do. I’ve never played a Bomberman game that has felt dark, sad, depressing, or somber in any capacity. Yet… Bomberman Jetters manages to produce a show that goes from being a friendly kids show, to a dark coming of age story.

So, what is this about exactly? Well, the show focuses on a young alien named “White Bomber”. WB is a being from Planet Bomber, which is home to a group of bomb-throwing humanoids known as “Bombers”. White Bomber is kind of an outcast, having never really mastered his skills. On top of this, his brother goes missing, with no clear sign of what happened to him.

White Bomber travels to earth and joins up with his brother’s former team of intergalactic problem-solver team known as the “Jetters”. The Jetters start out doing routine tasks, such as defending valuables, or generally trying to stop the villains. However, White Bomber soon stumbles into a life-or-death battle against an encroaching threat. At the same time, our hero learns some truths, and battles against the evil within his own being.

While this does sound formulaic, you can believe me when I say it’s not. No matter how dark or serious this show gets, its still Bomberman. It looks like Bomberman, feels like Bomberman, and is just an extension of the games. Bomberman Jetters even got its own game, which was decent. Nothing super good or revolutionary, but fun for an hour or two.

Surprisingly enough, we got the game over here, but not the show it was based on. This was an extremely odd choice, in my opinion. Still, at the very least, we did get the game. The show never made its way over here, but maybe that’s for the best. It eventually got subtitled and posted online, so people can watch it in Japanese and not worry about pointless censorship or what have you.

I’m not a guy who prefers subs to dubs (most of the time), but I feel an English dub of Jetters wouldn’t have done it as much justice. Jetters is fine as is, and is definitely a fun watch. Sure, it’s old, some of the animation hasn’t aged well, and those first few episodes are bit of a slog, but its a great show. To me, this series is just as good as the Viewtiful Joe anime.

Jetters definitely takes more liberties with its source material, but still manages to do something interesting and memorable things with them. This is a show that never really wears out its welcome. By the time I got to the last episode, I still wanted more! I do intend to re-watch Jetters one day, but for now I’ll just focus on trying to watch those other Bomberman shows. You know, if subtitled versions of those episodes ever materialize… Anyways, those are my thoughts on Jetters. Keep it real and have a great day!


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