Only half of these robots become important in the film, that’s a rather sad fact.

Believe it or not, when it comes to new movies I tend not to get that excited about them. I tend to be this way when it comes to films, unlike with video-games. With video-games, I can get a bunch on sale for a few bucks. When you go to the theater, you have to pay 15 bucks for a single film. So, I tend to mostly play games as opposed to going to to the theater to see all the new films. Their sadly just isn’t enough new and interesting stuff to entertain me.

This all changed in 2013, when I saw a film that was surprisingly refreshing. Pacific Rim was a love-letter to fans of the giant robot genre, and one of those few modern films that I can say I truly loved. I’m not calling Pacific Rim a modern masterpiece or anything. It’s a film about giant robots, who are being piloted by humans, and having to fight an alien menace. This film is almost as cheesy as Independence Day or Starship Troopers, yet it’s somehow really impressive and fun.

People forget that a movie doesn’t to be perfect or amazing to be a great film, the mark of a truly great film is being unique. I can’t think of too many giant robot movies out there, aside from Transformers and Real Steel. Nothing like Pacific Rim was really out at the time, at least not on the same scale.

Pacific Rim was this rare film, a film that emulated old mecha anime and managed to be its own thing. Humans pilot mechs known as “Jaegers”, fight giant monsters known as “Kaiju, while an AI that sounds like Glados from Portal gives them advice. It was something different, maybe a bit too different for Western audiences.

The film sadly did not do well in the West, barely breaking even and didn’t make up for the productions. Thankfully, the film did amazingly well overseas! It made a killing in countries like Japan and China, to the point where the filmmakers were given the go-ahead for a sequel.

Next year we are finally getting that sequel, a whopping five years after the original. After all, a film of this scale and magnitude takes time. Am I excited for this film? Oh, definitely! However, their are a few things that have raised some red flags for me. For one thing, the film is titled “Pacific Rim: Uprising”. You could not come up with a more generic sub-title for a film, even if you tried!

The moniker of “Uprising” has been used in so many properties that I’m surprised it hasn’t become a running joke yet. That’s more of a minor concern, I’m more concerned about the director. Steven S. DeKnight does have talent, he’s worked on some great shows such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Heck, he was even the showrunner for the Netflix Daredevil show!

Thing is, it’s different to jump from running a smaller budget TV show, to directing a high budget action film. Especially a film with a large budget and a massive audience of fans worldwide. To be fair, most modern big-budget films now are handled by small-time directors and writers. Deadpool and 10 Cloverfield Lane are examples of this done right.

Still, it’s not gonna be the same without Guillermo Del Toro directing. The man brought a unique sense of charm to the first film, and he’ll directorial presence will certainly be missed. Still, I’m going to give Steve the benefit of the doubt and see what he makes. Regardless of the quality of the film, it’s still gonna sell like hot-cakes in Japan again.

So, even if the film turns out to be bad, their will still be a good turn-out for it. Do I want the film to be bad? Of course not! Even if it is bad though, people will still most likely show up for it. I do hope it is a good film, despite the change in directors and its rather generic title.

Pacific Rim is a film that deserves to do well and it needs more attention. I think everyone needs to see this film when it comes out, because the hard-working crew behind it need all the attention they can get. Pacific Rim is one of those few films that manages to be entertaining, merging a cheesy and somewhat silly story with intense action scene and amazing special effects. 4 years later and Pacific Rim still stands as one of the nicest looking big-budget films I’ve seen in years.

In my opinion, Pacific Rim is a good example of how to do an original property. They did their own thing, while paying homage to a genre that was mostly unfamiliar with a lot of Americans. They took chances and they did something new, making one of the best robot movies ever in the process. In fact, I can’t think of too many robot films that come close to matching its quality! Except maybe I. Robot, that movie was pretty dope.

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