Is Monster Hunter Stories Worth Getting?

This is without the most colorful box-art I’ve ever seen for a Monster Hunter game!

In about a month or two, a new Monster Hunter game (or new to the West, at least) will be hitting store shelves. This game is known as “Monster Hunter Stories”. This game marks a large departure from the classic Monster Hunter formula. In this spinoff game, you actually befriend the monsters and can fight alongside them. In most other Monster Hunter game, you are often slaying the monsters as opposed to working alongside them.

Stories managed to change the more action-oriented combat, into a more turn-based one. Now, I still have yet to play Stories. It’s not coming out in America until next month, which is why I plan to pick it up. While the game looks to be a clone of Pokemon, still want to give it a shot. I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon-styled games of late. While I can’t stand the original Pokemon series much anymore, I can still enjoy the games that use the same style of gameplay.

So, with Stories I’m definitely excited. I love the idea of being able to ride a dragon through the sky, and explore a larger more open-world. I’ve always been a big fan of Monster Hunter, so seeing them tackle an entirely different sub-genre is definitely interesting.

It’s been a year since I’ve played anything Monster Hunter related, so it’s gonna be fun to get back into the game. I hope that everyone gets into the game as well, so we can tell Capcom we want more Monster Hunter games like this! Once I get my hands on the game, I’ll probably get around to watching the anime adaptation as well. Emphasis on “probably”.


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