Demon Lord Justin Bieber, deliverer of darkness!

There are many mysterious wonders that circulate this wide wacky world we occupy. Bigfoot, the Ogopogo, and the Jackalope are just a few of these legends. However, a mystery that often permeates the mind of a typical person is: What is a comic book convention like? After all, not everyone has the time, interest, or money to dedicate to attending a comic book convention.

I thought I’d take this time to share my experiences with my local comic book convention, and why you should attend them if you are on the fence about it. About a week back, a few friends and I attended “Sask Expo 2017”, a comic book convention situated right here in Saskatoon. My friends and I arrived at the convention at around 11:30 in the morning. The first thing that we did was tour the premises, which was a fun experience.

While there, we ran into various people dressed in colorful and crazy costumes. There were people dressed up like giant monsters, video-game characters, obscure sci-fi monstrosities, and the occasional dinosaur. It’s like a costume party, only much more elaborate! After meeting and taking pictures with several kooky characters, we moved on to the “Artist’s Alley”.

We got to meet several talented artists, most of which were more than happy to sell us their independent comics and novels for really good prices. We even got to meet Tad Stones, creator of the cartoon classic “Darkwing Duck”. After meeting various artists, we ate lunch and then attended some celebrity panels. This is one of the most interesting parts of any comic book convention, getting to sit in on live panels with real-life actors.

There are few events out there that let you meet celebrities in real-life, but comic book conventions allows you to indulge in that fantasy. Sask Expo had a ton of big names including Lou Ferrigno, Ernie Hudson, and John Rhys-Davies. Meeting these celebrities was great, especially getting to sit in on a panel with the legend Ernie Hudson.

Ernie himself was signing autographs while dress in the same costume he wore in “Ghostbusters”. After going to a few panels, my friends and I walked around a bit more. I ended up picking up this beautifully drawn art print from a local artist, one that I intend to frame and put up on my wall. The original artist was even nice enough to autograph it for me!

We also met with some of my other friends a bit later on, who were all dressed in some rather silly costumes. Within the course of about 5 hours, we had exhausted the amount of things we wanted to do there. We then trekked back to one of my friend’s house, for a much needed break from the convention. After all, walking around for five hours in an overtly crowded place can get pretty exhausting!

All in all, that was my experience with Sask Expo 2017. If you’re on the fence about attending next year’s event, I’d say give it a shot. It’s worth going at least once if you’re interested in anything nerdy, or just want to get autographs from your favorite celebrities. A ticket for just a single day is only about 25 bucks, which is a steal for anyone interested. In my opinion, going to comic book conventions is a solid experience and well worth the time of anybody.


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