Hi guys! I thought I’d mention that I have a Twitter page, that I’ve started to use more lately. In the past, I hadn’t really used it all that much. So, I thought I’d start using it more and more recently I’ll be sure to embed my Twitter onto my blog, so you can all check it out. Also, I now have a Discord page:


The invite is open to anyone, so if you want to be part of a Discord group just starting out, feel free to join. We’ll discuss comics, video-games, movies, or just stuff in real-life. There’s a sub-chat in there as well for PS Vita games, which segue-ways into another announcement. As my year-end project, I’m doing a top 20 Vita game list. I already have the list constructed, but I’m looking for honorable mentions.

Have any Vita games you’d like to see me talk about? Be sure to message me in this chat and let me know, maybe I’ll even include it in there! Again, the Discord chat is open to everyone. I’ll be sure to write out some rules in time, once there are enough people there to facilitate having an extensive rule list. For now, these are the rules I have set in place:

  1. No Roleplaying/ RPing
  2. No drama or attacks on other users
  3. Be respectful of other people’s personal spaces

I’ll probably add more as the group gets bigger. Anywho, that’s all I wanted to say for now. Have a good, and hope to see you in the chat!

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