I’ve talked nonstop about anime in the past on this blog, but I thought I’d add yet another post to the heap of mini-reviews I do on obscure titles. You see, tons of anime get released on a yearly basis, so it’s not uncommon for a lot of them end up buried. This got really bad in the 2010s, where a lot of good anime ended up becoming quickly forgotten. Shows like Zetman, Gatchaman Crowds, and Tiger & Bunny. Sure, these shows were popular when they aired (and some still are), but they really only took off in Japan.

It probably doesn’t help that a lot of anime nowadays will fail to gain popularity outside of Japan, due to the audience’s perception of it. I think a show that fell victim to this was “Beast Saga”, an obscure anime from 2013. This show revolved around three kingdoms of anthropomorphic animals, controlled by the Sky, Land, and Sea tribes.

Each of the three kingdoms have animal-people that represent these three elements, such as having water mammals in the Sea Kingdom and birds in the Sky Kingdom. It’s a pretty basic classification system. The show revolves primarily around the king of the Earth Tribe, Liogre the lion. King Liogre tends to spend less time on actually ruling his kingdom, and more time going around defending it.

One of the running gags with this character is that he loves to fight, to the point where he endangers himself quite often for the sake of his loyal subjects. Liogre is joined in his adventures by his son Ogre, his royal guard, and a group of bird-men led by the neutrally-aligned Captain Eagle.

A lot of arcs involve Liogre doing battle with some kind of evil animal, who is in turn seeking to gain control of some powerful artifacts. They’ll usually fight over “Godlots”, giant powerful cubes that can bestow upon the user amazing powers and abilities. Liogre has to deal with all kinds of problems, from the sudden reappearance of his old friend Golder, to the vicious brutality of the Shark Brothers.

This all happens in the first season, by the way. There is a second season, but it’s pretty rare to find subtitled versions of it. There was a dub that aired on Toonami Asia for it, but that is equally rare and hard to find. As such, only season 1 has received any sort of fan-translation. Which sucks, because there are parts of the season’s story that heavily tease the next arc.

Regardless, it’s still a fun show all around. Good action scenes, likable (if a bit generic) characters, and a ton of really goofy animal puns make this show a joy to watch. What also helps is that the show is on the short side, with each episode being only about 10 minutes long.

Sure, Beast Saga isn’t something new or revolutionary, but it manages to fill that void of “action animal” anime that most shows tend to ignore. It reminds me a lot of Samurai Pizza Cats, Eto Rangers, or KO Beast in that regard. I suggest checking out Beast Saga if you’re interested at all in this kind of action show.

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