That’s one fancy jumpsuit!

Something that came completely out of nowhere just a few days ago, was an announcement for the next game in the “Fallout” series”. Fallout is a series that focus on your player character trying to survive during the post-apocalypse, while engaging in tons of quests and becoming stronger. Fallout 76 was announced just a couple days ago, and no one really knows what it’s about or what team will be developing it.

All we know is that it takes place 25 years after the bombs dropped, and supposedly takes place in West Virginia. Now, nobody knows what the game is going to play like. The main theory is that this new Fallout will be an “online survival” game, much like Rust. There’s not much info on the game, but there’s already talks of pre-orders.

I’m not sure why discussion on pre-orders is even on the table, since the game’s details haven’t even been fully explained yet. If Fallout 76 does turn out to be an online survival game, I would totally buy and play it. Being able to play a Fallout game with other people seems like a dream come true, as the series is practically begging for an online adaptation.

Still, it’s a bit too early to tell. We won’t find out until E3, where they will fully reveal the game. I’m not going to get hyped or excited for Fallout 76, no matter what it is. If it does turn out to be an online game, then it would certainly pique my interest. Me buying the game comes down to how they market it, how well it functions, and how fun it is. Here’s hoping Bethesda can redeem themselves in the public’s eye by putting together a truly great game.

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