That’s one badass looking skeleton!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (AKA E3) has really only just started, but that hasn’t stopped various companies from going all out already. Despite the fact that the event has only just begun, people are already saying that “Bethesda has won E3”. Bethesda is the company behind hit open-world games like Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Fury.

This year’s conference was really a turning point for Bethesda, allowing them to really show off what they’ve been working on for the past half-decade, a lot of which seems very interesting. Beth had a ton of new and interesting games to showcase, which most people are very excited for. The main one was Fallout 76, which looks awesome!

Fallout 76 is an online survival game, one with a focus on exploration. You can journey on your own, or with friends. You can also nuke the ever-loving hell out of any area in the Wasteland, which is pretty dang crazy! It’s an open-world game with a world that is advertised to be 4 times larger than Fallout 4, which is just plain awesome!

I’ve already talked about 76 on this blog, so I’m not going into too much detail on it. Bethesda also announced sequels to hit games that they’ve published, like Doom and Rage. I’m not really into those kinds of games, since they aren’t really my genres of choice. I know a lot of people are excited about them, but they’re just not my cup of tea.

One of the most interesting announcements was for “Elder Scrolls: Blades”, one of the newest games in the long-running series. The idea behind Blades is that it’s a massive open-world Elder Scrolls game, but designed solely for your smartphone. Todd Howard touts it as having “console-quality graphics”, as well as having an open-world that’s part hand-crafted and part randomly generated.

From what was shown of the game, it seems interesting. I like the idea of having a legitimate Elder Scrolls game on the go, as most portable ES games in the past have been rather bland. I probably won’t play Blades, as I don’t think my phone would be powerful enough to run it. The graphics look way too intensive for my dinky Galaxy Grand-Prime, but I’ll probably get a better phone in the future regardless.

I just hope this game isn’t one of those mobile phone scams, where they constantly pester you for money every two steps. I know game companies have to make their money, it just annoys me when they turn an interesting phone game into a monetized abomination. Here’s hoping that Bethesda can turn this game into something that’s both unique and fair, one that doesn’t charge you real money for every singular action.

Beth followed this announcement with even more Elder Scrolls content. They announced new DLC packs and patches for The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as showcasing a rather hilarious parody video called “Skyrim: Very Special Edition”. The biggest Elder Scrolls announcement had to be the announcement of Elder Scrolls VI.

You think this would be a tremendous and memorable moment, which sadly it was not. The teaser was just a bunch of mountains, followed by the game’s title. The sub-title wasn’t even shown, nor was any gameplay or cinematic flare. The title was enough to get people excited, but I’ll hold my reservations until I actually see the game.

Bethesda also announced a new sci-fi open-world RPG, one that goes by the name “Starfield”. Sadly, the trailer for it was super disappointing as well. It was basically a shot of space, followed by the game’s title. Not sure why Bethesda chose to formerly announce two of their biggest upcoming games in such a disappointing way, but they did. People are still excited for these games, so let’s hope Bethesda can deliver.

Personally, I think Bethesda did a good job on this press conference. Do I believe they’ve won E3? Well, I’d have to see the other conferences first before I can fully decide. Still, after the crap that went on last year with the “Creator’s Club”, it’s nice to see Bethesda stepping up to create new content that isn’t paid mods. So, what are your guys’ thoughts? Did Bethesda win E3, despite it only just starting? Or is Bethesda’s E3 presentation a giant sham?

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