If there’s anything that is hard to debate, it’s that dreams are nonsensical. They are the thoughts we have when we go to sleep, and are usually jumbled by our subconscious into a mess of nonsense. What most people do not know is that dreams can get pretty insane for people with a strong imagination. I happen to be one of those people, a person who’s imagination is so strong that it has a tendency to overwhelm my dreams.

Dreams and nightmares are my forte, as I’ve had plenty of both. I’ve even made a few dream journals, to document such wild fantasies. One of my crazier dreams involved me being both a werewolf and a farmer, hiding from the “Werewolf Police”. These were paranormal investigators, who solely hunted lurking lycanthropes. The dream ended with the Werewolf Police getting a tip from the mayor about my secret, to which I was promptly arrested.

Dreams like that are the ones I find to be most interesting, ones that combine reality with fiction. It’s hard to have a dream that is “100% reality”, since our dreams are really a collection of our thoughts and experience congealed into an unholy mixture. Some dreams I’ve had have strained the line between real and fake before, in sometimes truly bizarre fashions.

For example, I used to have a job that involved me working in an office. A lot of what I did was pretty routine and not too eventful. Eventually, this repetition caused a rather bizarre dreaming experience I refer to as “The Unofficial Sequel To Groundhog Day”. The dream was pretty basic, it involved me waking up, getting ready for work in my usual fashion, and then coming downstairs to eat breakfast with my parents.

About the only thing that was out of the ordinary with this dream was that my parents were watching cartoons, something they never did in real-life. Eventually, I wake up from my dream and find myself in bed. I wasn’t too annoyed by this, and simply went back to sleep… Only to have the exact same dream again. I wake up from this monotonous dream and fall asleep, only to have things repeat once more.

It became a rhythm with me, falling asleep only to dream about my morning ritual and wake up immediately afterwards. This continued all throughout the night, and eventually in bed with my eyes wide open, unsure if I was in a dream or reality. That’s the thing about some dreams, they can be very strong indeed.

Our sleeping mind is a powerful thing indeed, stronger than the most powerful of computers. I’ve had dreams where I gain immense super-powers, or dreams where I travel across Medieval Europe on the back of a powerful horse. One dream I remember very vividly had me as an astronaut, one on a bizarre and distant planet. On this fantastical world, I leaped from sky-ship to soaring shy-ship. Joining me was a talking green alien monkey, a bizarre creature one would expect of this world.

Now, one may look at their dreams and think they are nonsense and dribble. I’ve always cherished my dreams, even the truly weird or out there ones. To me, having a weird dream is like getting to watch a movie for free! My intense imagination paints me this truly fantastical realm, one that I slide into on a nightly basis. These bizarre worlds are always something different, always changing from what they were in previous nights.

While my dreams are fantastical and fanciful, my nightmares are usually pretty realistic. I’ve had dreams of being stalked by insidious beings, or running away from dangerous animals. One dream I had when I was younger involved a spider drifting down from the ceiling, preparing to land on my unconscious face. A simple and basic nightmare, but it was enough to set off the arachnophobe in me. I woke up and was instantly taken by the imaginary fear that I had just experienced.

I quickly took a daring leap off my bed, one that could rival similar stunts from cheesy 80s cops shows. After my over-dramatic leap, I hid in the corner for nearly 10 minutes. After fully waking up and realizing that the spider existed only in my imagination, I immediately walked back to my bed and returned to my slumber.

Despite my often times embarrassing nightmares, I still had fun dreaming. It was nice getting to see another reality, one created by the ever-flowing oasis of my overabundant imagination. The thing about dreaming is that you don’t need a hyperactive imagination to have a good or memorable dream, you just need to sleep.

If you want to have some real fun, I suggest putting a notepad and pen by your bed. Upon waking up, immediately write what you had just dreamed about down. Log everything you can remember about your dream, this will make it more likely that you’ll have a similar dream again. A dream can easily slip through your mind if you don’t take the time to write it down or commit it to memory, I’ve learned this the hard way.

The dreams in your sleep are like the dreams you have in real life, you either commit to them or lose them entirely. To me, dreaming is a passion that I’ll never give up on. Dreams what helped my imagination grow when I was younger, and now my imagination helps cultivate my memorable nonsensical dreams. I’ll leave you with this question: What makes more sense, the dream or the dreamer?


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