It’s just like regular New Vegas, except everyone will kill you on sight and half of them will most likely be illiterate!

How does one define insanity? How about putting a bunch of internet dorks in a post-apocalypse, and having them nuke each other to oblivion. No, I’m not talking about Fallout 76, but rather the multiplayer mod for Fallout: New Vegas! It’s a rather new mod, and lacking in quite a few essential features. So yeah, this game is a very rough work work-in-progress. With that being said, let’s talk about it!

For those of you who don’t know, Fallout: New Vegas was an open-world RPG/FPS hybrid released in 2010 for PC and all the current-gen consoles at the time. The game took place in the nuclear apocalypse, and served as more of a direct sequel to Fallout 2 than Fallout 3 was. About a year and a half ago, fans got together and decided to finally give Fallout: New Vegas something that fans have been clamoring for: Online multiplayer!

Unfortunately, Fallout: New Vegas’ multiplayer mod is way too flawed to be fun. First of all, the game crashes A LOT. Fallout New Vegas is already a fairly unstable game, but adding multiplayer makes it even worse. The game crashes at the most inopportune and nonsensical times. It crashes when you’re in a fight, when your talking to people, or even when your exiting the game.

That’s not even the worst part of the mod, sadly. So, you’d think the online multiplayer component would be the main selling point. After all, playing Fallout with your friends is supposed to be fun! Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for this mod. The problem here is that every time you die in the game, you lose all your gear and stats. This wouldn’t normally be a bad thing, but the problem is that it’s a PVP game.

More often than not, players will just kill you and steal all your items. For example, there was one user who killed me in a town, while using a rocket launcher. This town was Freeside, which for some reason isn’t a safe-zone. You’d think Freeside and the neighboring city of New Vegas would both be safe zones, because they are the most important locations in the game. Well, I guess the makers of this mod didn’t think so.

So, this user murdered me with a rocket launcher and took all my stuff. He then spouted off a nonsense meme, in an attempt to sound like a badass. Sadly, there’s more than one annoying belligerent user in this game. During one of my gameplay experiences, I heard various complaints from people being nuked constantly in the starting town of Primm. While I get that this is supposed to be a PVP game, it’s so unfairly balanced and poorly programmed that it’s only fun to people who already have good gear.

People who join factions get all these benefits and bonuses, while solo players are often cannon fodder for the various groups in the game. As soon as you make any sort of progress, there’s an angry player-killer around the corner ready to steal it out from under you. It takes you out of the experience, because you have to be wary of pretty much any other user you run into.

The game feels like it’s setup more for griefing and exploiting, rather than having fun. The aspect that I liked the least out of all of them is the character customization, or lack thereof. You see, you are stuck with a template character when you boot up the game. You can’t pick your stats, looks, or traits. Pretty much anything you can acquire in the game is forfeit once you die anyways, so I guess customization is a fruitless endeavor all around.

So, I’ve complained a lot about this mod, but is there anything good about it? Well, you can exploit the game for cheap and easy level-ups by entering The Tops casino, logging out, and then going back in. Also, you skip most of the early portions of the game, and don’t have to bother with the story. Other than that, the mod is very bare bones and offers little in the way of fun.

You want a good Fallout MMO? You could wait for Fallout 76, that may be good. There’s also another fan-made Fallout online experience, called “FOnline: Reloaded”. It’s based off the first 2 Fallout games, and lets you keep all your stuff when you die. It’s actually fun to play, focuses more on the RPG elements, and doesn’t cut out your customization completely. Honestly, it’s the better game in almost every way.

So, should you play the Fallout: New Vegas Multiplayer mod? No, don’t bother. This game is pure annoyance, lacking any of the qualities that made the original game good. Just play the single-player game if you have it, do not bother with this broken mess. If you are interested, I’d suggest waiting a year or two and see if there are any improvements by then.

In FV:MP’s current state, it is not fun and its not playable. You’d be better off playing any other Fallout game in the series, even Fallout 4. The mod may improve, it may not. It depends entirely on the people working on it, and how they choose to craft the mod moving forward. If it stays in its broken state, I can’t imagine too many people continuing to stick around.

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