Fallout 76 For Real.png
Fruity Bird: A man with a stupid name, who also happens to take a stupid amount of punishment.

Well, Fallout 76 is almost upon us. The release is just five months away, and people are clamoring for what they think will be the “greatest online experience ever”. Well, you no longer have to wait! Why? It’s all because one fan decided to make a mod to emulate that “authentic” online game-play. As a result, we’re gifted with one of the greatest mods of all time: The Fallout 76 Experience!

The main premise of this mod is simple: It emulates a MMORPG experience by filling the game-world with NPCs based off the kinds of people you’d find playing online games. These are the kinds of players who like to spam garbage memes, attack you for no reason at all, and generally try to ruin your day. In essence, this is probably what Fallout 76 will become.

These NPCs are all over the game, and you’ll encounter dozens of them upon installing the mod and starting a new game. Each NPC is more terrible than the last, and will often shout obscenities at you while trying to bludgeon you to death. Heck, one NPC blasts the “Thomas The Tank Engine” theme song nonstop in the starting town!

There’s a lot of craziness like that in the mod. For example, one NPC named “Fruity Bird” (pictured above) attacked me inside the giant dinosaur attraction in Novac. This insane NPC shouted obscenities at me, while wearing a space-suit and trying to punch me to death. What was truly awesome about this NPC is that he feels like he was designed by a player who has zero idea on how to build a character.

His defense stats are through the roof, but his attacks are weak and meaningless. This means that he can take a lot of damage, but can barely dish it out. Sadly, you’ll run into a lot of people like this in a true online game. That’s what makes this mod truly amazing, it’s a multiplayer game without actually having multiplayer in it. All the “players” you run into are NPCs (Non-Player Characters) programmed to either charge at you, stand around pointlessly, or gang up on you alongside other NPCs.

Despite the simplistic nature of the mod, it crafts a more entertaining experience than the last New Vegas mod I reviewed. The New Vegas multiplayer mod was lacking in the fun department, being a broken system where factions rule and solo players can’t hope to stand a chance. At least with this mod, the NPC “players” won’t get in your way as much.

Honestly, I had more fun with just 10 minutes of this mod, than I ever did with the 3 hours I spent with the multiplayer mod. Of course, I’d love if New Vegas had a truly good multiplayer mod. That being said, I like that this mod emulates what an online Fallout would be like.

Let’s be real, Fallout 76 will probably be the same as the “Fallout 76 Experience” mod. I can picture it now, people running around, spouting memes, and shoot anything that moves. It’s truly the kind of online experience I can get invested in! Well, not really, but at least I can get some items from destroying these NPCs. In the end, it’s the loot that really matters!

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