Who loves a good action game that breaks the fourth wall? Well, apparently a lot of people do. After all, No More Heroes has become immensely popular off this concept alone! This Suda 51 game came out in 2008, and immediately set the world on fire. No More Heroes was a special action game, one that focused on a goofy assassin named “Travis Touchdown”. In each game, Travis would have to fight his way to the top and become the number one assassin.

Along the way, he would also engage in mini-games and watch anime. No More Heroes really set itself apart by feeling distinct, due to how it took the action game genre and put a unique spin on it. The graphics were nice and stylish, the combat was fast and fun, and the game had an insane story with wacky characters.

It wasn’t something groundbreaking, but for the time it did the job well. There was a second game, but it’s not as well remembered. Despite adding in new playable characters, new bosses, and a new story, it still felt hollow. There wasn’t that many new mechanics, and most of the “improvements” came from streamlining certain aspects of the previous game.

On top of this, the story this time around just wasn’t as interesting. It was a generic revenge plot, one which featured a nonsense final boss. As a result, “No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle” felt like a hollow followup to a great game. It was still enjoyable, but it lacked the punch the first game had. Several of the bosses were just rehashes of the ones from the first game, but done much worse in some cases.

The last game in the series was a port of the first game, which was called “No More Heroes: Paradise”. It featured several small changes, as well as an HD overhaul of the graphics. At that point, the series went into hibernation. We didn’t see anything from the series for a long time, which was really annoying. There were rumors of Travis Touchdown being considered for Super Smash Brothers, but that never happened.

There was some hope when Suda 51 announced “Killer Is Dead”, which looked like a spiritual successor to No More Heroes. Sadly, Let It Die was its own beast, one that had zero connection to No More Heroes at all. Eventually though, a new No More Heroes game got announced. Released nearly a decade after the last entry, we finally got “Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes”.

The game is part sequel and part re-imagining, though it looks rather interesting all the same. I haven’t played the game yet myself, so I can’t comment too much on it. The game looks like a dungeon-crawler fused with the original game, but with a ton of new things added to help mix up the formula. I hope to play the game one day and present a formal review of it, but I’m going to wait on purchasing it for a bit. After all, I want to go back and replay the originals, just to have a little refresher course! When I do play it, I’ll be sure to post the review here for all to see.

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