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Crotch lasers?! What crazy concept will Dragon Ball come up with next?!

Yep, I’m talking about Dragon Ball for the 100th time on this blog! For some reason, I always find myself being drawn back into the crazy misadventures of a super-powered farmer, and his unquenchable desire to beat people up. Of course, Dragon Ball games featuring Goku and his many pals isn’t anything new. There are 100s of Dragon Ball games already out there with 3-5 of them being released on a yearly basis.

One DB game that’s been big in Japan for almost a decade now is “Dragon Ball Heroes”, which is an arcade card game that has you collecting thousands of cards to battle others with. Dragon Ball fans outside of Japan have wanted this game for the longest time, due to it having the largest amount of characters in any Dragon Ball game ever!

After years of begging Japan to release the game stateside, they finally caved in and did so. After releasing several trailers directly to their YouTube page, they released the game itself on April 5. I actually got the game on release day and I decided that it’s a good time to talk about this awesome semi-obscure game.

Gang's All Hero
Only in Dragon Ball Heroes can you see the likes of Super Saiyan 4 Goku and his Ultra Instinct counterpart hanging out.

After all, I’m just as obscure than this game, so that makes me more than qualified to talk about it! So, let’s get down to discussing “Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission”. World Mission plays identically to the arcade game from which it is based on. You start the game off with a set of beginner cards and gradually obtain new ones as the game progresses.

Never thought a mouse-god could look so cool!

There are over 1100 cards in the game, which is an immensely staggering amount. The game will shower you in “Gacha Tickets” as you play it, which will allow you to buy the game’s many cards. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay a single cent for any card in the game! That’s right, this game has 0 micro-transactions in it!

The fact that you can obtain any card without having to shell out any cash at all is rather impressive. This is especially crazy when you consider the fact that all of these cards would’ve cost the Japanese equivalent of 17,800 dollars. What’s better than the lack of micro-transactions is the game’s massive amount of fan-service.

Holy Crap
That awkward moment when you realize this attack did barely any damage.

Almost every Dragon Ball character is playable in this game, which is absolutely crazy. There are characters from the movies, Super, GT, and even other Dragon Ball video-games! The only downside is that several characters don’t have cards attached to them, but the game thankfully has us covered there.

One of the best parts of this game is the ability to create your own cards! This game couldn’t just settle on having 1100, and decided top give the plays the ability to create their own! The card creation system is extensive, yet very simple. It’s easy to create cards that not only look legit, but are actually really overpowered! On top of this, you can also make cards out of characters who don’t have cards attached to them. This gives you free reign to use normally inaccessible characters. You can also create missions for other players to take part in, which is an incredibly fun thing to do.

Custom Missions
It’s sad that the highest rank custom missions are just lame farming quests…

Let’s move onto the game’s combat, which is both simple and complex at the same time. Both you and your opponent have up to 7 cards in a deck at a time, most of which have their own abilities and skills. Creating a team with perfect synergy is the key to winning a lot of the later missions.

Battles arenas feature two areas: One for support and one for attack. Any card you put in the attack area will act as your “Attackers” for the round, while the support area is used to help recover your cards’ stamina. Your characters will get stunned if they lose all their stamina, so be sure to make good use of the support area!

There’s a lot more to the combat than that, due to the sheer amount of different deck combinations you can make. Experimentation is the name of the game, and it’s the only way you’ll make it through the main-quest and the various other modes. Oh yeah, did I mention this game is packed to the brim with content?

You have a main quest that will take you 40-60 hours, an arcade mode with over a dozen varied and unique campaigns, offline and online tournaments that the player can participate in, special “Side Stories” focusing on the various party members your recruit, the aforementioned ability to create custom missions and cards, and online PVP with players across the world. There is so much here that it’s almost overwhelming! You are definitely getting your money’s worth for a game that costs 60-80 dollars.

Yamcha-mania will forever be a thing.

Of course, it’s not a perfect game by any means. The graphics and engine are ported over from the arcade game, and end up being extremely dated as a result. However, the game’s bad graphics allow for the game to have as many characters as it does. Higher graphics would mean far less characters, which I think would kill some of its charm.

Speaking of the game’s charm, it’s impossible for me to talk about Heroes without mentioning the killer soundtrack. World Mission utilizes several of the theme songs used for the game’s many trailers over the past decade. On top of this, the game boasts some rather catchy original tunes as well.

Lastly, I wanna talk about the game’s story, which is unfortunately a mixed bag. The game is set in a universe where Dragon Ball is one of the most popular things ever, and everyone knows the entire story forwards and back. You play as a young boy who is just getting into the game for the first time. The nameless protagonist meets a mysterious swordsman named “Great Saiyaman 3” on one fateful day, and is hurled into an adventure that involves all of your favorite Dragon Ball characters.


While the plot certainly presents a lot of fun and entertaining “What If” scenario, you probably won’t get much out of them unless you’re a Dragon Ball fan. World Mission does a poor job at explaining all of these pre-existing characters, and the arcs that they originated from. Still, the amount of variety in the main quest’s silly scenarios makes up for its lack of proper explanation. The plot itself isn’t too original or unique, but it gets the job done.

With that being said, the game is certainly worth its seemingly high price tag. If you can get past the dated graphics and somewhat lacking tutorial, then you have a game with hours upon hours of great content to partake in. This game has a fantastic variety of characters to collect and things to do, an amazing card creation system, and a battle system that seems both fresh and familiar. I normally hate card games with a passion, but I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with Heroes. It was great to finally play this game, especially after waiting nearly a decade for it to be brought over here. All in all, I’d say it was certainly worth the wait!

New Clothes
Some snazzy outfits!

 into a quest to

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