Spider-Man was and still is one of my favorite comic-book superheroes of all time. His fictional heroic acts have always inspired to do my absolute best in real-life, while also putting my best foot forward. In fact, I’m sure the character of Spider-Man inspired many kids growing up. With that in mind, it’s not too surprising that Spider-Man would get his own workout video! After all, almost every big-name celebrity and popular fictional character gets one.

This is where the “Spider-Man Training Studio” comes into play. The Training Studio was a Spider-Man themed mat that came with a inflatable punching bag. The goal of this was to get kids to exercise and be active, which is an admirable sentiment. The problem is that the exercise kit comes with one of the silliest and campiest training video DVDs ever made.

The video revolves around a pair of kids, “Lee” and “Stan”. Apparently, the parents of these kids were really into Marvel! Spider-Man then breaks into the house of these 2 kids, all so he could train them to fight dangerous super-powered criminals. Spider-Man trains them through the usage of the eponymous “Spider-Man Training Studio”. He puts the viewer and the two random kids through general exercises and tons of inflatable dummy punching.

The weirdest part of this sequence is that Spider-Man has named all of his attack moves after his villains. It’s an odd choice, especially because that could get him sued for copyright infringement! Then again, I imagine the courts would rule in favor of Spider-Man, due to all his villains being untrustworthy in a court of law.

Anyway, the video uses footage from the 90s Spider-Man cartoon. I found this odd, since Spider-Man 3 was released that very same year. Could they not afford to put footage from Spider-Man 3 in there? Maybe the price to use footage from the films was too high, so they just resorted to using the cartoon instead.

Aside from the cartoon footage, there was also a CG sequence made for the video. Near the end of the DVD, you are tasked with fighting off Venom. You somehow have Spidey’s abilities in this sequence, and he cheers you on for beating up his arch-enemy. It’s never stated what Venom was doing to deserve this, since he seemed to be mostly minding his own  business.

In fact, Venom SETS OFF Spider-Man’s “Spider-Sense” in this sequence. How? The Spider-Man comics and cartoons make it clear that Spidey’s Spider-Sense can not detect Venom. My guess is that Spidey somehow knew that Venom would be in town, so he sicced his fanboys on him no reason. Considering this Spidey broke into a house, it wouldn’t surprise me.

And that was the ridiculousness that was the “Spider-Man Training Studio”. Watching this video online definitely takes away from the experience, but I feel that I probably wouldn’t have been interested in this DVD at all back in the day. I would’ve been 16 at the time, so I would’ve been out of the proper age demographic. Regardless of what age I watched this at, I would still enjoy it just for the silliness alone. Outside of camp value, there’s not much here to enjoy. I say to just watch it for silliness alone, since the DVD is just lacking in quality.

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