This is the best E.T. Simulator ever!

If there’s one thing that most people can agree on hating, it would have to be the concept of “disappointment”. No one likes being disappointed, especially after being given promises of something grand and interesting. That’s the problem a lot of people were faced with upon the release of “No Man’s Sky”. No Man’s Sky was hyped up as being this incredible video-game about space exploration. The game’s developer, Hello Games, was hyping this game up a ton!

After several delays, the game was released to the public. Unfortunately for the people who bought the game, they were given an incomplete package. No Man’s Sky was missing a large percentage of its advertised features, and was considered a very underwhelming game as a result of this.

The lack of features, the simplistic gameplay, and the bland story were all big contention points for most people. Still, Hello Games didn’t give up on the game. Sure, they released a bad game, but they weren’t content with just leaving it in that state. Over the course of three years, they got to work on updating and fixing the game.

At this point, it barely resembles what it started out as. It’s still a grind-heavy exploration game in space, but it now has many features that made it more approachable. Character creation was added, along with a new story mode. You could now command a massive freighter and a group of frigates.

I’ve started playing No Man’s Sky just a week ago, and I’m enjoying this newer version of the game. While I’ve never played the old version, I can definitely see why it was so bad. Gameplay videos of the game’s previous version would put me to sleep every time I watched it. However, playing this new version fills me with a sense of wonder that I haven’t felt in ages.

Flying through space in my personal spaceship is definitely a fun experience! Being able to mine on planets, hunt for rare treasures, and buy new gear just helps add to this already great game. There’s so much to do and see, even if the game becomes extremely grind-heavy in just an hour or two.

I’m still in the early stages of the game, so I’m not going to review it until I’m far enough into it. I’ll say that it is a solid experience, and I genuinely enjoy this game! I’ll be sure to talk more about it in a week or two. Keep your eyes peeled for the full review!

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