My name is James Thompson and this is my personal writing blog. I like to do short stories, poetry, and reviews on nerdy materials such as videogames, movies, anime, or comic books. I have many interests and an undying passion for the literary medium. I currently live in Saskatchewan, Canada.

I’m a published writer, having written an article on Asperger’s that was printed in the local newspaper. You can find it here. If you enjoy the material presented in this blog, please leave a comment below telling me what you think. I’m also on the lookout for paid writing work, which I feel would be good at. I have a 70 WPM typing speed and a strong work ethic, so I’m your man when it comes to high-quality work. You can message me on this blog if you’d like to hire me for some written work. Alternatively, you can reach me on Twitter for further contact:

Also, please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi, it allows me to keep doing my amazing work!

5 thoughts on “Info About Me

  1. Just coming by (Games Like Monster Hunter) brought me here, I’m currently in a Monster Hunter phase and toukiden 2 is coming out today, are you getting it?


  2. Yea i just checked its coming to the Vita as well. I can’t stop playing it, it’s really good. It has a lot of improvements over the first one. Reforging weapons, 3 mitasmas, 2 new weapons, open world (no longer MH style sections) very good.


    1. OPEN WORLD?! I’m sold! Dude, I wasn’t interested before, but what you’ve said has gotten me intrigued. I was burned out after Kiwami, but 2 sounds amazing. I wasn’t going to buy it, but you’ve piqued my interest. I’ll be sure to give you a shout-out in the review. 🙂


  3. I appreciate the offer, but I don’t feel comfortable working for a site that sells love dolls. I try to keep my work appropriate for all ages, and I just don’t feel your company would be a good fit for me. Again, I appreciate the offer and I wish you well in all your future endeavors.

    Signed, James/Syrup


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