Log Horizon: An MMO Anime Done Right

In the past couple years, I’ve found myself getting a lot more invested in MMORPGs and games with MMO elements. I’m talking games like Elder Scrolls Online, Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Wild Star, VRChat, and Toontown Online Rewritten. Ever since I started playing these games, I’ve been craving a TV show about said […]

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Remembering Digimon: The Movie

Digimon was a huge thing back in the 90s to early 2000s, at least to a certain extent. Some people say Digimon piggybacked off the successful of Pokemon, which could be true to an extent. They did have similar names, show concepts, and both had successful anime adaptations. Of course, this meant when Pokemon received […]

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Power Stone Retrospective Review

If there was any console that died too soon, it was the Dreamcast. The Sega Dreamcast was a console that had a fair bit of really good games, but undersold on the market. The PS2 and Gamecube walloped it to oblivion, forcing Sega to stop making consoles. This really sucks, since the Dreamcast had some […]

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My First Anime DVD: Dragon Drive

You always remember your first, well at least I tend to. When I was younger, anime was all over television. I grew up on stuff like Dragon Ball, Digimon, and Pokemon. However, when those anime were brought over to America, they are usually heavily edited for content. That means that I was usually getting a […]

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