The Digital World War: Prologue

Author’s Note: This is something I started work on shortly after seeing the movie “Ready Player One”. I enjoyed the movie to a small extent, but was annoyed with its flaws. As time went on, I found myself liking less and less of the film. It was also around this time that I was kicking around ideas for a potential ongoing writing series I could create for this blog.

This lead to the creation of “Digital World War”, a story revolving around a fictional MMO. I wanted to parody and deconstruct the themes of Ready Player One, while also creating a story that was its own thing and completely original. As a result, I came up with “Digital World War”. Work on this began back in April, and so far I’ve only created a few chapters.

I plan to release the chapters sporadically. Some chapters may be released on a weekly basis, some may come out after a month. I thought since this was my 350th post, I’d finally release the prologue for this story, to help set a basis for the series overall. I hope to have chapters 1 and 2 out in mid-October.

I’m always looking for constructive criticism on the series, so please feel free to leave your comments below. My main goal is to release as many chapters as I possibly can, before collecting them together into a novel/novella and trying to get it published. Constructive criticism would help me quite a lot in this area. Anyway, I’ve talked long enough. Let’s get in on with the show!

P.S. My goal with this series isn’t to make an “anti-war message”. I mainly use a fictional virtual war as a backdrop. The themes and messages will become more clear in later chapters.


The constant evolution of mankind is a surprising thing. Tens of thousands of years ago, humans were nothing but grunting apes. So many things change about humans, from what they wear to what they do with their time. If there’s something that has always been a never-ending struggle with mankind, it’s their perchance for violence and war.

For thousands of years, humanity waged war with each other. The reasons were always different, sometimes for religion, sometimes for money. People thought that humanity’s history of violence would continue for thousands of years until the end of time. This all changed in the year 2200, when the “Worldwide Peace Treaty” was signed. Most countries had no choice in signing the treaty, due to the economic crises the world faced.

This problems included lack of clean drinking water, overpopulation, and the constant smaller wars that broke out between the countries of the world. Due to this, the countries had little choice in the matter. It was either sign the treaty, or watch the government and the people within crumble beneath the weight of its own problems. The only option for the survival of the world was to band together, and to ban war in its entirety.

What was seen as a “a morally-charged publicity stunt created by hippies” by some, soon turned out to be one of the greatest decisions ever made by humankind. With no one waging war, the world settled into a time of piece. Violence was at an all-time low, and the nations of the world found themselves befriending each other more so than they had in the past.

As great as this new world was, it wasn’t destined to last. While humanity had made peace with each other, a strange event had taken hold of the planet. Centuries of continental shifting and climate changes had caused a massive shift in the earth’s crust. These shifts would eventually result in the unthinkable: The creation of a new continent.

The continental shifts resulted in the formation of a new land, which many scientists refer to as “Little Pangaea”. Over the course of two centuries, the continent slowly arose from beneath the glistening water. By the year 2412, the continent had fully emerged from its watery cocoon.

After emerging from the Atlantic Ocean, the new continent immediately made problems for the world at large. With this new continent seated beside several countries and lands, deciding who owned it was a large issue. A continent had never emerged from out of nowhere before, so there were no laws about who would gain this new piece of land.

Countries argued for 2 whole years about who would get this new continent, which strained on the peace treaty greatly. This arguing eventually carried over into the “Worldwide Peace Conference”, which was an organized meeting of the world’s leaders. This meeting would’ve resulted in a war, had one man not interjected. Simon Sunder was the newly elected president of the United States, and suggested that the continent should be given away in a sort of “competition” between the various countries.

However, this competition wouldn’t be a sports game, or an Olympic event. The president was a huge nerd and thought of the best way to decide which country should get it: By winning ownership of it in an online video-game! Of course, everyone thought the president was crazy. Some may even say that he was “slipping some Mary-Jane into his American Brew”.

As the discussion continued however, it soon became aware that the president was onto something. Having a war in real-life would break the treaty and end countless lives, but a virtual war in a video-game didn’t have that problem! Within the realm of a video-game, the nations would be able to fight each other without fear of losing lives.

Creating a new game from scratch to facilitate such an event would be an expensive undertaking, so it was decided to place this war inside a pre-existing game. The game that was chosen was a MMORPG (which stands for “Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game”) that had already been running for five years, known only as “The Pocket”. The Pocket was called that because it was an amazing place hidden from sight. The only way one could view this world was through the lenses of a “Integro VR Helmet”, a special virtual reality setup designed solely for this game.

The game was remarkable for when it was made, using the most cutting-edge technology to create a realistic and vibrant world for its various players to explore. There were no limits, no set classes, just the freedom to tailor one’s character and experience to their own personality. The game was so popular that it drew the attention of various copyright holders, ones who own the licenses to many pop culture icons.

This resulted in a game filled with nostalgia, from characters and places that were birthed from entirely different franchises. Much like how the game was obscured from sight to those without a helmet, the characters that were licensed were mostly from obscure franchises from the 20th and 21st centuries.

The reason a lot of these old characters and concepts were inside the game came down to a simple fact: Brand recognition. Over time, it became way too expensive to create new iterations of beloved or obscure properties. As a result, the copyright holders started allowing game developers to use their characters in any way they saw fit.

Over time, film and television mediums became obsolete. In the current year, the only way a person could even indulge in these old mediums was through old internet archive websites. People were more focused on enjoying these franchises as games, as opposed to watching them in film or television format. This attempt to create more interest for other mediums through the use of video-game adaptations backfired, killing the population’s interest in seeing these characters in their native habitat.

As a result, copyrighted characters existed solely within the realms of virtual worlds, such as The Pocket. This single game housed the most copyrighted characters in all of history, and holds the Guiness World Record for “Largest crossover game in history”. This was one of the more entertaining aspects of the game, even if a lot of people nowadays knew nothing about said characters.

The copyrighted characters weren’t the main draw of the game, however. What was the key selling point was character creation, as well as the game’s death system. In the game, if you died you would just lose all your currently equipped items. All your Tachyons (The game’s currency) , experience, and stored items would remain untouched.

Losing your items tied well into character creation. Having a complex and intricate character development system, it was easy to find multiple builds to suit your play-style. A player was often rewarded with more skill points than they could ever need, allowing them to customize their character in any way they see fit.

Losing one’s items often allowed for the player to experiment with new builds, trying different weapons and armor pieces that one might not normally use. To a lot of people, the experimentation and customization is what gave The Pocket it’s appeal. Due to this game’s popularity and large player-base, it was the perfect place for the governments of the world to wage a new war.

After choosing The Pocket as their testing grounds, it was decided to implement a new mode separate from standard play. This mode would be a special war-zone, separate from the main areas. If you lost in this mode, you would still lose all your items, but with a catch. In order to dissuade people from blindly using this mode, a massive limit was placed on it. If your character were to die during this war, then you lost that character for good.

All of the items, Tachyons, experience points, and history you had built up with this character would be lost forever. You’d never be able to use that same username again and as a result, this character would disappear from the game world permanently. If you wanted to get back into playing the game, you’d have to make a new character from scratch.

This wasn’t the biggest draw of this new mode, however. The goal of this mode was to collect 8 “Sacred Sigils”. They were scattered across randomly generated worlds, dungeons, and special areas housed within this war-zone. The warriors of a specific land who collect all 8 will gain the new continent for their country. Players who join the war, but are not associated with the real-life military of any country can still collect the Sigils on their own.

If said players were to collect the Sigils on their own, they’d have one of two choices: Choose a country who they feel should own the continent, or destroy the Sigils and cause the entire competition to be null-in-void. Of course, most players enter with the intention of helping their country and receiving a vast reward from their government. Most countries offer huge bounties to guilds that will help them collect the Sigils.

Of course, there are some who would prefer the second option. Many people who play the game just want this stupid war to end without a concrete winner, or for the countries of the world to build their own game to fight out this war in. As a result of this, some have dedicated themselves to finding ways to get rid of the sigils. There were also players within this game who just don’t want to get involved, who would rather just play the game for fun. This is the story of one such gamer, the high-ranking player known as “Vik-Rik”.

Syrup’s Short Stories: The Great Knight North

Author’s Note: Well, Canada’s 150th birthday is coming up in just a few weeks and I thought I’d do this fun little short story in order to celebrate. I always liked the idea of their being a medieval Canada, even though Canada didn’t exist as its own country back then. At least, not in the form we know it as today. When making this story, I wanted to do a parody of Arthurian Lore, which I’m a huge fan of. I hope you all enjoy!

I threw as many Canadian stereotypes and jokes into one story as I could. I wanted to capture that feel of a medieval setting mixed with those Canadian gags we’ve come to expect from things like SCTV and Canadian Bacon. I hope you all enjoy, and have an amazing Canada Day!

The sun shone onto a nearby forest, one beset by danger. The majestic trees and chirping birds couldn’t hide the intense battle currently taking place inside. One could look at the forest from an outside view and not notice anything, but beyond the great trees and dense foliage, a climatic duel was about to take place. This was a duel between a king and a powerful knight who challenged him.

The first to show up at the appointed combat site was the King of Saskatchewan, also known as Edward Ogopogo. This man was strong and brave, yet kind and wise. The man had a muscular frame, yet a stout appearance. Edward barely stood at about 5 feet tall, making him seem far less intimidating to those who would oppose him. Edward wasn’t the most powerful warrior in all of Canada, but he knew how to hold his own.

Edward wore a suit of green armor, one with the image of a red flower emblazoned on the front. The suit had been well-oiled, and had been sized and fitted perfectly for the rather short warrior King. The armor wasn’t hefty enough to encumber Edward that much, though he didn’t have enough mobility to run that much in such heavy gear.

The King always kept his face hidden, he felt it was a waste of time to always show his face to every opponent he faced. His face was well-known, and he saw no point in revealing his well-known visage to everyone he did battle with. Edward was fully ready to do battle. He unsheathed his sword from its scabbard, slowly pulling out the steel sword from its resting place. Edward took his time removing the sword, in order to let the sun shine down on the metal of the blade.

The blade appeared to glow and hum as the light of the sun shone down upon it, as if it was absorbing the light itself! This magical sword was given to Edward long ago, bestowed upon him by the former King. The last King before Edward was an eccentric fellow, dressing in the finest and most flamboyant outfits. The King had this magic sword crafted just because he wanted something shiny to show off to visitors. The sword itself had no innate mystical power, aside from its shine. The sword was known as the “Cherry Blade”, named after the flamboyant King Cherry.

Edward brandished the Cherry Blade, but was suddenly caught off-guard when he heard the rustling of nearby leaves. Edward gripped the handle of the blade in both hands, as he dug his armored boots into the dirt below him. Edward readied himself with a combat stance, while he watched the bushes in front of him. Leaves began to rustle before him, as he took notice of someone emerging from behind the bushes.

Emerging from the dense foliage was a large knight. This knight towered above Edward, being at least a foot taller than him. His body was covered head-to-toe in white armor, with a red maple leaf emblazoned on his chest. This towering warrior held a large great-sword between his two armor gloves. Despite the massive size of this blade, the warrior appeared to hold it with ease.

The blade appeared almost weightless to Edward, as he witnessed the knight brandish the sword with zero effort. “Nice blade, eh!” Edward exclaimed, with a nervous twinge to his voice. He had never witnessed an opponent with impressive gear before. The towering colossus, clad in his white armor walked towards Edward. His hefty metal boots left noticeable imprints in the ground as he walked forward.

The Red-and-White Knight stepped towards the king with his sword drawn. “Your blade is equally impressive, eh. Let’s just hope you don’t fight like a hoser!” The knight then hoisted his sword upwards with all his might. Edward tried to react, but it was too late! The blade swung through the air like a violent wind, as it hammered down upon the poor king. The blade hit the crux of Edward’s armor, but somehow bounded it off of him as if he was wearing armor made out of the strongest metal!

The massive hulking warrior looked down at his sword, as he gripped his helmet using his left hand and pulled it off. The giant revealed himself to be somewhat of a pretty-boy, having a face that was unfitting of an enormous warrior. He had long blonde hair, making him greatly resemble a forest elf from the hidden village of “La Ronge”.

Once free of his helmet, the warrior proceeded to scan the sword with baby-blue eyes. That’s when he realized something, something that cost him dearly. “The enchantment worked too well, eh!” Exclaimed the knight, causing Edward to snicker a little. “So, you have a useless sword, too? All my sword can do is glow, eh!” The knight waved his armored finger at the end and scoffed at the king’s response. “At least your sword can cut stuff, the enchantment was supposed to make my sword lighter and easier to use, but now it’s too light. I can’t even cut the feathers off a goose with this darn thing, eh!”

“I guess our duel is off, eh? I can’t find a warrior who has a useless weapon, it wouldn’t be honorable!” Exclaimed Edward, as he gripped the hilt of his sword and slid it back into its holster. “Agreed, I’d care not to die today for a stupid mistake. Besides, I wouldn’t want to sully your blade with ill-gotten blood, eh.” A smile crossed Edward’s rugged face, as he silently agreed with the knight’s sentiment.

“What’s your name, large and boyish one?” Asked the king, in a not so subtle way. “They call me William Ghostkeeper. An odd name, I know.” Edward grinned, “I think it’s a fine name. So, now that we’ve settled our sortie by not doing anything, what now?” Asked Edward as he looked as William.

“Wanna grab some poutine? I know a village a couple miles north of here that has the best poutine in the kingdom, eh!” Exclaimed William, while tossing his useless sword to the ground. “Now that’s what I’m talking aboot, eh!” With their weapons discarded, the two former rivals left their battlefield as friends.

Legends speak of this act as one of the first true showings of Canadian hospitality. When two warriors put aside their differences and useless weaponry, and decided to share a good ol’ bowl of poutine. To this day, King Edward and William Ghostkeeper are hailed as legends to the Canadian people, though forgotten by most. What’s still remembered is the understanding and kindness they showed.

Samuel Ash And The Blades Of Ginga Chapter 2

Short Story

Author’s Note: Some may ask the significance of the number “22” in the story thus far.I have used the number a lot so it’s an honest question to ask. Well, you see the number 22 is what I consider to be my lucky number. 22 was my favorite numbered channel as a kid, 22 was the best year of my life, etc. So, to me the number 22 has a positive connotation. I feel that when I put it into a story I’m infusing the story with my luck. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the story since it’s been in the pipelines for a bit!

Chapter 2: Training Day

Samuel breathed deeply, he didn’t know how exactly to phrase what he was going to say. “Well, you see… I joined solely to learn about Long-Sword’s pilot. I want to know who he is!” The holographic general stared at the young man in shock. “Long-Sword’s pilot? Why would you want to know about him?” Samuel sighed and looked at the general, finally making eye-contact with someone for the first time that entire day. “It is because of my family. Even since I was young I was bullied and abused because everyone thought my family was related to Long-Sword’s pilot, the man who caused the great tragedy. People think this way because my family lived on the exact same street as the pilot and also because my great-grandfather had a military background. On top of this, we are the only family on our street to have not taken part in the “Perfect Birth” program. My lineage believed a birth was perfect on its own!”

The general looked at Samuel and began to grit his virtual teeth. The Perfect Birth program was something Williams did not like to think about. It was a program set in place after Long-Sword’s betrayal and it was project commissioned by Williams’ himself. The project was meant to be used to alter human births so that the new humans wouldn’t develop any sort of mental problems or psychological issues. This was done so that the Long-Sword incident never happened again. Many families were against this as they felt their children were perfect the way they were.

Both Williams and the AI that now represented him greatly resented this decision. As such, those that became known as “Imperfect Births” were allowed all of the same rights that the new race of humans were. Samuel himself was an imperfect birth and ended up being born with “Aspergers”. It was a learning disability that results in some socially-awkward behavior from time to time. Samuel didn’t mind having it, in fact he thought that it made his life much more interesting. Williams stared at Samuel as he cleared his non-existent throat. “So, is there anything specifically you wanted to know about him?”

Samuel twitched his fingers around nervously as beads of sweat dripped down the side of his head. The sides of his face began to itch, something that happened often when he felt nervous or anxious. “Well… I want to know if I’m his descendant.” The general frowned, not exactly sure about what he should tell the young man. “And if you are related to him, what then?” Asked the general. Sam thought about the general’s question for a full minute, before uttering an emotionless response: “I’ll figure it out once I know.” The general blinked in confusion, right before breaking into laughter. This action confused Samuel greatly. “I see! You are definitely an interesting young man. Normally, asking that kind of question would get you court-marshaled. Heck, I can’t even give you that kind of information. Well, not at the moment anyways.”

Samuel scratched at his head in confusion. “What do you mean by that?” The AI let out a digitized cough in response. “I can only give you that info once you serve under the military for an entire year. Ginga and the other colonies need defending and the enemies are mounting attacks on a consistent basis. Our army needs the help of our candidates, who are the pilots of our Blades. Look, we need your help and you need ours. You’ve passed the performance tests, simply serve your duty for a whole year and I will provide you with the information.”

A whole year?! In Sam’s mind that was a bit too long, especially due to the constant threat of death this job entailed. Sam thought he should just leave, but then realized that there was no point. Sam would live with the constant thought of who Long-Sword’s pilot was. It would pierce his mind and soul until the end of his days, he would never know if the hero-turned-monster was his ancestor or not. Sam knew the price for this information was steep, but he needed to know. Sam knew he could not talk an AI out of a programming, so he decided to just roll with it. The young man took a deep breath and stood up straight. “Yes, sir! I will serve under this military outfit for the next year and I’ll hold you to this promise.” The AI nodded. “Don’t worry, I am programmed to keep my word. Now, I request you speak with our engineer, Thomas Seagull. He will get you set up with all the information you need.”

Sam nodded and turned to leave. As Sam turned to leave, the AI noticed Sam’s attire. Specifically, the top button on Sam’s shirt was undone. “Also, Sam, button the top button your shirt. I’m sorry if I’m being bothersome, the man who I was programmed to be like was a bit of fussbudget.” Sam smiled nervously and nodded. “S-Sure!” Sam didn’t like when people brought up his top button being undone. It wasn’t something he did to be a rebel, it just annoyed him greatly. Sam had his reasons for not buttoning his shirt, something he didn’t like other people knowing about. Sam then left the office and ventured out into the hallway. Sam traveled through the hallway into a large tube-shaped hallway. This hallway was made out of unbreakable glass and showed off the exterior of the station. Sam looked through the glass and into the vastness of space, entranced by the stars.

Shimmering comets soared through the dark vastness that was the galaxy, setting Sam’s imagination ablaze. Never had the young man seen such a glorious display of cosmic delight. Sam walked as slowly as he could down the hallway, drinking in the beauty of the scene around him. However, like all great things it eventually had to come to an end. Sam reached the end of the hallway and in the middle sat a rather large door. Sam opened the door and found himself in what appeared to be some sort of odd laboratory. Scattered bit of mechanical items were strewn across the tiled floor. Tattered blueprints covered in coffee stains covered the walls and bits of broken chalk were scattered across a gnarled chalkboard.

As Sam admired the weirdness of the lab, he was suddenly started to hear strange shuffling sounds. Sam turned his attention to the floor beneath him, which appeared to be wear the bizarre sounds were emanating from. Sam lowered himself onto his hands and knees as he slowly moved his head towards the floor. Once he was close enough, Sam heard bizarre sounds coming from beneath the tiles. Sam jerked his head back once he noticed the tiles starting to move. A strange vibrating circulated the set of tiles below Sam, causing the young man to back away. The tiles shook as if some ungodly being was tunneling through them. The tiles split apart as a large drill-like object burst through the tiled floors. Sam stood there in panic, fearing that the enemy was here and ready to attack.

Within moments, the tiles have been split apart by the drills. The tiles breaking caused a thin cloud of dust to circulate the lab. Sam covered his face as the dust and debris circulated the lab. After a few minutes it died down as a man emerged from where the tiles had once been. This man was lanky and stood at a height that was roughly 5 to 6 feet tall. He wore a lab-coat covered in dust and dirt and had a pair of musty goggles adorning his eyes. The man also wore a half-mask the covered the lower part of his face and possessed a head of curly black hair. The man removed his half-mask revealing the face of a rather handsome gentleman underneath. “I take it you’re here for training, I suppose?” Questioned the lab-coat-wearing man.

“Uh… Yeah, I am!” Replied the young man in a rather nervous tone, “I’m Samuel Ash.” The lab-coat-wearing man smirked and popped off his goggles. “I’m Thomas Seagull, head-engineer in charge of repairing the Blades. I’m also your instructor as well, due to some rather unsightly budget cuts. Regardless, it’s good to meet you, Sam!” Thomas reached his hand out for a shake. Sam twitched nervously as he moved his arm towards Sam’s. Sam gripped Thomas’ hand firmly as Thomas took notice of the amount of sweat emanating from his associate’s fingers and palms. “Nothing to be nervous about, Sam! I won’t eat you. I was just tunneling through the floors for… Some personal reasons.” Sam started to sweat even more. “P-Personal reasons?! Were you hiding a dead body in there?!”

Thomas paused for a moment as his lips twitched awkwardly, forming into an even larger smile. Thomas tried to hold back his laughter but broke out into a fit of hysterical cackling. “A dead body? Wow, that’s one hell of a conclusion to jump to! No, my friend, I am not a murderer or some kind of miscreant. This tunnel is actually a short cut I dug myself, it leads to my dojo. It is the classroom where I shall teach you all I know and it has centuries of history behind it.” Sam’s eyes opened wide as he stared at Thomas. “W-What is it?” Thomas tossed Sam a pair of a goggles and chuckled to himself. “Follow me and find out!” Sam shrugged and put on the goggle. Sam followed Thomas into the open hole as the two entered into the darkness of the underground. Sam was curious but at the same very afraid of where Thomas was leading him. He knew the only way he’d learn about the Blades is to follow Thomas’ lead, but was this man really all that trustworthy? Sam was about to find out.



Samuel Ash And The Blades Of Ginga Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Nervous Young Man And The General

Author’s Note: This is the first chapter, but I reccomend reading the introduction as it does provide some of the lore I have built up around this world. Parts of the introduction will play a much larger part in the story later on. Something to note is that the character of Rona was something I came up with a sort of “Anti-Female Protagonist”. I get so tired of every female lead in every source of media being an impossibly beautiful young woman. I pictured Rona as a tough hard-headed woman with a large muscular physique, the opposite of what you would expect from a female lead.

It was a cold day inside the space colony known as “Ginga”. The weather itself was artificially created, used to emulate the seasons of the earth. It was a reminder to the humans who lived there, a reminder of the planet they loved and lost. On this cold windy day, one human made his way through the virtually created weather towards a large building in the middle of the colony. This young man was no ordinary being, for there something inside him that some would consider makes him inferior. However, this one thing was something that defined this boy and would  empower him greatly. He just didn’t realize it yet.

The young wore a thick red coat along with a blue scarf and a matching blue Canadian toque. He also wore a pair of black pants and white shoes. His attire didn’t scream formal, despite the fact that he was destined for a formal meeting. The young man entered inside the building that belonged to the Ginga Military Base. You see, this young man was chosen as a candidate to pilot a Blade Of Ginga. Very few humans and non-humans are chosen for this prestigious honor. So few are chosen that information about The Blades in this day and age was scarce to many of the inhabitants.

Even the young man was in the dark on a lot of subjects when it came to The Blades. Still, he had come there for a reason and he wasn’t about to say no just because of a lack of info. Once the man entered inside the building, he removed his toque and unbuttoned his coat. Upon removing his hat, the young matted his shaggy black hair. He tried his best to comb his mangy mess of a hairstyle downwards, yet it was an uphill battle for him. Each attempt to mat down his hair was met by resistance, causing more and more of his hair to pop up with each attempt to keep it controlled. The man just decided to ignore it for now and made his way to the front desk.

Sitting at the desk was a young female attendant who was busy typing away on her computer. The young man made his way towards the desk where the attendant was sitting. As soon as he was within range, the woman’s head perked up and she took notice of him. “Why, hello there!” She said with a friendly demeanor. This made the man start to sweat as he bashfully avoided eye-contact. He was nervous when talking to pretty much anyone he had never met before. “H-H-Hi, I’m Samuel Ash. I’m here to meet with General Williams.” The woman looked at Samuel in disbelief. Why wasn’t he making eye-contact with her? Was he really that nervous? She had a feeling that there was something more to this boy, what he exhibited was a behavior a little more odd than just bad manners and nervousness. Still, she smiled all the same and picked up the phone at her desk. The woman took her index finger and pressed it against the phone numbers so hard that it nearly caused paint to peel off of her manicured nails. “Sir, Samuel is here to see you. Uh-huh, I’ll send him right up.” The woman then hung up the phone and put it back. “The general will see you now.” Samuel smiled and nodded without saying anything.

The boy awkwardly shuffled towards the elevator. The whole time he was walking there, he made it his goal not to look at anyone he passed by. He made it his goal not to talk to anyone he didn’t need to on his first day. He walked with his eyes trained straight ahead as he didn’t want to talk to anyone. Samuel was nervous when talking to people, always afraid of being judged for who he is and what he was. Samuel wasn’t like everyone else and he was afraid that revelation would weaken people’s perception of him.

Samuel entered the elevator and rode it all the way up to the 22nd floor. He nervously shook in the elevator as the doors opened. He slowly scuttled out of the elevator and nervously shuffled down the hallway. He made his way towards General William’s war room. Once he reached the large metallic doors, he took a deep breath. He then proceeded to take one step forward as the two mechanical doors slip open. Samuel entered inside the room and took a look around. The walls were covered in fancy blue wallpaper and the fabric on the carpet was expertly woven. Truly, this was a room with class!

As Samuel marveled at the wonderfully decorated room, he almost failed to notice two people in the room with them. One of them was a blue translucent hologram of a man wearing a blue officer’s uniform. The hologram undoubtedly belong to General Lance Williams. He sported a black scurry beard and possessed a rather large nose. One being was a woman, large and muscular. She sported a blonde pigtail and had a bit of an overbite. She wore jeans as well as sporting a black top. She looked at the scrawny 19 year old with absolute dismay. “This is our new recruit? He looks rather weak to me.” Said the mannish woman in a fairly deep voice. Samuel gulped as he looked up at the rather brutish-looking woman. He was afraid that mannish woman would beat him up!

The General decided to diffuse the awkwardness of the situation and piped in. “Excuse me, Rona, but this young man is our newest pilot recruit. He had surpassed the practice tests for Blade piloting and has some of the highest scores in years!” Exclaimed the holographic man with a rather large amount of enthusiasm. Samuel stared at the holographic man and stared at him. Samuel memorized his movements and the way he spoke. Nothing about it was natural, it was almost odd in a way. Samuel had become an expert of analyzing or over-analyzing people’s movements as he used to make many awkward movements as well. It didn’t take too long for Samuel to piece together what the general actually was. Samuel wasn’t paying attention to the words of the general and instead was uncovering who the general actually was. After listening to the general talk, Samuel opened his mouth to speak. “You’re not human, are you? Could you be an AI, perhaps?” Rona’s mouth nearly dropped to the floor as if the general not being real was some kind of revelation to her. It wasn’t, she was more surprised with his ability to notice the general’s true state of being outright.

The holographic general couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. “I see I have not chosen incorrectly. Samuel, this may or may not come as a shock to you, but you the first person to correctly guess that I was an AI upon first impressions. It usually takes a person to week to come to that realization, yet you were somehow to pick up on my movement and speech patterns rather quickly. The real General Williams has long since passed away, I am but a virtual construct of his inner-mind. You were able to see through my guise quite easily, I applaud you for such an act!” Samuel nervously chuckled as he wiped the sweat from his brow. “It was a lucky guess and nothing more, trust me!” Rona stuck her tongue out at the young man. “You’re right, it was a lucky guess. However, we Blade pilots don’t rely on pure luck alone. If that’s all you’ll bring to this team then I suggest you walk out the door.” The muscular woman said as she eyed Samuel. The young man sweat profusely as the large masculine female eyed him like a slab of steak.  Samuel refused to return her glance, once again choosing not make eye-contact with the person he was talking to.

There interaction was cut short when the AI shouted at Rona. “I suggest you be nice to our new recruit, Rona! Let’s not forget you were rather nervous when you were first brought here as well.” Rona sighed and turned to face the AI. “That’s true, but this kid is so green that he’s practically foliage! He doesn’t even make proper eye-contact, he’d be a terrible soldier. I doubt he can help us fight “The One True Existence”. Those guys would tear him apart and turn him inside out.” Said Rona as she crossed her arms. “That remains to be seen, Rona. For now though, I politely ask that you leave as I feel you’re making Sam rather nervous.” Rona frowned and walked towards the exit. Before leaving, she turned her head to face Sam. “I hope you prove to not be a liability, kid. I don’t need unnecessary obstacles.” And with that, Rona left the room leaving Sam alone with Williams.

Williams cleared his virtual throat as a look utter dismay formed across his face. “My apologies for Rona’s behavior. You see, she doesn’t always understand that other people can sometimes be a bit… Different. I feel that within time, she can learn to appreciate you once you prove yourself.” Samuel smiled slightly as he wiped the sweat from his brow. “Yeah, I hope so too. I don’t like being enemies with people I just met.” Williams nodded in response, “It’s not her you need to worry about. The real enemy is out in the vastness of space. Rona poses no threat to you, however her behavior does bring up an interesting question. It’s a question I ask many soldiers: Why are you here, and what are you fighting for?” Samuel gulped, he knew the answer to this question yet he didn’t know how to phrase. “W-Well, I…” His nervous demeanor returned with a passion. Samuel paced awkwardly back and forth not knowing exactly how to respond to such a blunt question. After a minute of pacing, he decided to tell the general what he needed to know. He needed to explain the sole reason had had wanted to become a Blade pilot. He needed to know the truth behind his lineage, whether the information tears him apart or not.



Samuel Ash And The Blades Of Ginga

Author’s Note: Long time no see, everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been a little busy with college and just didn’t feel like writing much for a while. But I’m back and I figured out what I want to write on this blog: Everything. I want to write everything I find fun and interesting and share new short stories and reviews with ya’ guys. So, I hope you enjoy and I got some new content on the way. This is a short story I thought up a while back and I might expand it into a full series given the chance.


It’s hard to believe how far technological advancement can go in the course of a few years. Within only a decade or two, we humans can come up with technological advancements that greatly dwarf those we’ve seen in the past. However, imagine what we could create in just a few centuries? In the year 2299, technology had advanced so much that it made all of the achievements made in the first 22 centuries pale in comparison.

In this year of 2299, humans live out in space. The earth had met its match in the year 2142 when a noxious cloud of gas tore through the ozone layer. This cloud was deadly to the touch and was almost like a force of god. It killed many people and drove the remaining members of the human race off of this once-bountiful planet. Some believe this cloud of gas was being controlled by some ungodly force. Some believe it was a rapture from god himself, who was displeased with our advancements. Nevertheless, the planet was forever barred to us and we were forced out into heavily advanced spaceships. One would think that the harshness of space would have claimed what was left of our species. However, the galaxy had opened up to us, allowing us to visit other planets and species. This allowed for humans to acquire things they need from other races. Things such as water and oil are easily acquired from trading with other planets and within a few years humans had acquired the means to survive.

Our race started to grow and repopulate itself, with each passing year our numbers increased. From the poultry 4 million humans that went into space, we now numbered 3 billion after about 62 years of living outside our home planet. It still paled in comparison to the number of people that used to dwell on earth, but it was still welcomed. We built great cities in space, creating new living quarters for our species. These cities grew larger as we acquired assistance from neighboring planets. These cities were a testament to our adaptability as a race. Our race saw an era of peace as it worked to befriend neighboring planets and space-stations. The alien races were diplomatic with us, not wanting to tread on our toes in the slightest. They were fair and reasonable and very accommodating. One would think with earth’s history we’d be a little nervous about trusting beings who look different than us. However, humans do learn from history and despite our physical differences, we still trusted these bizarre space creatures.

It seemed like the former denizens of earth has finally found a way to make peace with all those who surround it. Unfortunately, peace doesn’t always last and earth soon found itself at war with an unknown race of beings. This race of beings appeared out of nowhere in the year 2204 and made their presence instantly known. These creatures called themselves “The One True Existence” and attacked us as well as any neighboring planets. They fought us with strange mechanical giants they referred to as “Mechs”. These giant robots were stronger than most of our artillery so we had to find a better way to counter them.

The human race always had the ingenuity to survive and adapt with any situation, and soon had the means to do so. Scientists, engineers, and the leaders of our race came together to formulate the creation of mechanical titans that could be used to fight against the race of beings that had threatened us. Mechanics got to work as blueprints were drawn up of what would be our mechanical defenders. The greatest minds of our world had come together to create gigantic mechanized warriors.

We called these gigantic robots, “The Blades Of Space”. In Medieval times, humans had fought with blade and steel. We decided to honor these great warriors of our past and named each mech after a bladed weapon used in those times. It took us a while, but after about several months of rigorous building and testing, we created our first Blade. We named this mech, “Long-Sword”. We chose the greatest pilot candidate we could find to control the giant. He asked that his name and identity be kept confidential, so the legendary pilot went forever unnamed in the history books. When Long-Sword fought against the enemy for the first time, we knew that we had created a truly great weapon.

The glowing alien mechs couldn’t stand against the might of Long-Sword. He destroyed a good chunk of their force away. The One True Existence fought Long-Sword continually over the course of a few years. The pilot of Long-Sword was stressed due to the conditions of piloting the mechanical robot. He started talking to himself and murmured strange noises in the midst of combat. Little did we know at the time was that Long-Sword’s pilot was going insane. This all came to a head in the year 2207. We had been fighting the enemy for 3 years now and Long-Sword had been upgraded much since then.

The Blade had been equipped with various weapons and armaments. Long-Sword had truly become a weapon of destruction by this point. Unfortunately, the pilot became one as well. His mind had been fractured by all of the complex controls, the constant destruction, and the fear of the unknown. The pilot stopped trusting humans, aliens, and even animals. He had become a loner and the only living thing he trusted was his disheveled mind.

It all occurred upon that fateful day of April 15th. The unknown pilot made his way into the launching platform. The pilot was making an unscheduled launch and had planned to wipe out the enemy on his own. He intended to kill every last alien in one attack and stand above the enemy. He fought the creatures with everything he had and pushed the enemy back. He killed several of his enemies, even those who begged for mercy or had surrendered. His terrifying skills and prowess scared both friend and enemy alike.

That day, the pilot earned the name “Space Demon”. After mercilessly slaughtering the enemy, they escaped through a wormhole. Long-Sword’s pilot wasn’t finished however, he still thirsted for blood. He hungered for battle and his mind was as dangerous as his Blade. He turned his Blade on the colonies and began an assault on those he had sworn to protect. However, one colony known as “Ginga” had predicted his betrayal. The general known as Lance Williams engineered the destruction of Long-Sword.

He fired missiles at the powerful mech, bombarding the mechanical frame and the pilot. Both Long-Sword’s pilot and the mech were decimated by the assault. Bits and pieces of the robot flew off, as did the arms of the mechanized giant. The pilot was forced into a corner and did the one thing that he had never done before: Flee. The pilot sailed away into the vast unending sea of stars, never to be seen again.

The crew of the colonies weren’t sure what to make of Long-Sword and its pilot. Do they acknowledge him as a hero or a villain? He saved them, yet attacked them afterwards. The leaders of the colonies were honest with their people and told them of the brave pilot who lost control of his own sanity. To this day, people aboard the colony don’t know what caused his insanity. Was it constantly being sent out to battle? Was it the stress of controlling his mecha? Or was it some outside force? Nobody knew, yet they still sought out the answers to the event.

Since then, the colonies decided to start building new mechs. They learned their lesson with Long-Sword’s pilot, they were going to condition these pilots to be mentally ready for the harshness of space and battle. They were going to monitor the brains of the pilots and make sure they were int top physical and mental condition. The new Blades were made after several years of hard work. They were now dubbed “The Blades Of Ginga” after the colony that drove off the hero turned enemy.

The mechs were readied and tested vigirously. The pilots were trained, yet combat never came. The colonies saw a very long period of peace that continued to the year 2299. During that time, the colonies trained new pilots in anticipation of a future threat. On April 15th, 2299 The One True Existence returned to attack the colonies once more.

The denizens of the colony repelled the first assault, but then it came time to ready the new pilots. The former denizens of earth had chosen a group of unlikely pilots to control their greatest weapons. These people were selected not just because of the skills they possessed, but also because of the potential they had. These brave men, women, and non-human creatures were the human’s greatest hope. Thus begun a battle, a proving ground, and a grand adventure. Thus began the Second Grand War Of Space…

OCD Apocalypse

Author’s Note: I came up with the idea for this story when I thought to myself “Would I still have OCD if the world ended?” This thought echoed through my head while I played Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. This is a bit more of solemn peace, it’s meant to be more of an emotional piece.

When the world ended, so did my worries. The day the bombs fell ended so many things and it was on that day that my OCD started to fade away. I no longer had to worry about checking the faucets constantly even when I know they are turned off, because I knew there was no longer any running water anywhere. I no longer had to check the doorknob to the house constantly, because the world no longer had any rules so a person could break in at any moment.

I was no longer worried about getting to sleep at a decent time or fret about staying up late, as work and businesses were practically non-existent now. Life was lost easily in a world like this, yet another worry that no longer mattered. I would wander the wasteland not worrying about anything. Some things still remained a worry, such as clean food and water. In a world that’s teetering on the brink, I felt my mind at peace.

The world had lost its rules, its limitations, but none of its meaning. The world still meant something to me now, because my worries were different now. I shared the same worries as everyone else and because of this I felt more like I fit in. I knew that I didn’t fit in though, I wasn’t the kind of person who would take advantage of a world with different worries, a world with less people and less limitation. It’s a world that takes advantage of the weak, yet even that concept didn’t worry me too much. Few things worry me these days.