The Unknowns: Professional Superhero Outcasts Chapter 3

Author’s Note: My apologies for the shorter length of this chapter. I wanted this to be a lead-in to a much larger chapter, which will be chapter 5. In fact, Chapter 4 will be rather large itself! My goal right now is to expand this series into something grand, something that’ll be my magnum opus in time.

My goal with this isn’t to create just another superheroes, I want to make something that tops modern superhero films and comics. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this mini-chapter! It’s gonna get crazy from here on out, so I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 3: The Monkey’s a Joke Part 2

Sean continued to chase after the dragon, who flew faster and faster. The monkey followed him into the forest, which happened to work in his favor. Being a simian, Sean was able to effortlessly scale the trees with his hands and hand-feet. He leaped from tree to tree in a desperate attempt to keep up with the dragon, but it was all in vain. The dragon was too fast for Sean, causing the simian to fall behind the giant scaly beast.

It didn’t help that Dyna-Charge’s forest was insanely large. The forest was easily half the size of the town and housed a ton of trees! It would take Sean a lot of time to track down the dragon, despite its larger size. The monkey continued to leap from tree to tree, desperately trying to find the dragon. As the simian jumped through the trees, he heard the sounds of people talking.

He made his way over to a tree that was just above the area where the voices were coming from. Hiding among the leaves, he popped his hairy monkey head out and peered downwards. What he saw were two men, dressed in strange uniforms. They wore battle armor that was colored red-and-white, which were the same colors as the Canadian flag.

Both men seemed to be rather stocky and they wore large helmets that kept their faces hidden from view. The two appeared to be impatiently waiting for something, which made Sean morbidly curious. Sean stealthily leaped to the tree closest to them in order to hear what they were saying. “This mission is lame.” Said the suited man on the left as he turned to the man on the right.

“Hey, the higher-ups needed to “test” out this dragon. After all, this is high quality “merchandise” we’re peddling! Regardless, keep your eyes peeled. We have to make sure no superheroes make it into the forest, since they would most likely interfere with the test.” Stated the henchmen on the right.

Sean wasn’t sure what this talk of “testing the merchandise” was about, but he didn’t like it! These guys appeared to be in league with the dragon, which deepened the mystery even more. Sean decided to keep an eye on these two henchmen and find out what they were planning.

However, fate had something different in store. As Sean watched the two henchmen, he heard the sound of what sounded like jet-boots. He looked up and saw a metallic man descending from the sky. The robot had a metal chassis that was colored white from head-to-toe, with blue stripes of paint acting as accents for the robot’s paint-job. The robot’s face has a yellow visor atop it that lit up as soon as the machine touched down.

The robot looked over the pair of soldiers and proceeded to cross his metallic arms. “You guy responsible for that dragon?” Asked the robot in a stern and authoritative voice. “None of your business!” Shouted the soldier on the left, while reaching towards a gun fastened to his belt. Before the man could grab it, the robot raised his left arm upwards. He stretched out his fingers and then let out a loud “BEEP” sound, before detaching his own hand! A thrust engine extended outwardly from the back of the robot’s detached metal hand. Using this thrust engine, the hand sailed through the air and towards its target.

The hand flew towards the thug like a rocket, before grabbing the gun from the man’s holster. With gun in hand, the rocket-fist flew back towards the robot’s arm and reattached itself, making it whole once more. The robot gripped the gun in both hands and applied pressure to it, right before quickly snapping it in half.

The machine threw the two broken pieces of the gun to the ground and turned to look back at the two henchmen. “So, ready to talk now?” Asked the machine as the two henchmen turned to look at each other. “Wow, you’re rather lackluster at intimidation if the best you can come up with is snapping my gun! Let me show you how it’s done.” Stated the man on the right, who proceeded to whistle.

Over the horizon came marching an entire army of armed soldiers, wearing the exact same outfits as the two grunts. The robot knocked the two henchmen out with a single punch each, right before turning his attention to the army approaching him. “This may take a while…” Said the robot as he watched the army of goons march towards him. Sean saw that the army outnumbered the robot and decided to finally take action.

Sean leaped from the tree and landed right beside the metal-man. “A monkey-man?” Asked the metallic creature. “Correction: I’m a talking monkey-man! Now, ready to bust some heads?” Asked Sean as he turned to face the robot. “I don’t even know you, yet you’re willing to fight off an entire army of mooks with me?”  Sean responded to the robot’s query with a quick head-nod.

“Of course! You see…” The monkey then reached into his fur and took out what appeared to be a small red toothpick. He spun the toothpick around using his fingers, which caused it to expand and elongate. Within seconds, the red toothpick had turned into a red-colored staff! Gripping the staff with both hands, the monkey took on a combat stance.

“…If there’s something I hate, it’s uneven odds! So, I decided to balance it out!” Exclaimed the simian as he stood beside the metal-man. “Well, I can’t say I’m opposed to some assistance. I’d ask who you are, but we’ll save introductions for after we mop up these losers!” Shouted the robot as he raised both his arms at once.

“Right you are, my metallic compatriot! Now…” The monkey began to say as the pair charged towards the army of goons. “…IT’S TIME FOR SOME FUN!” Shouted Sean as he prepared to take a swing at soldiers with his staff. The battle between the two strange heroes and the army of even stranger henchmen began, while an even greater battle was about to take place.

Samuel Ash and the Blades Of Ginga Chapter 3

Author’s Note: It’s been a while since I’ve worked on this series, and I thought it was about time I got back into it. I hope you guys enjoy! I also introduce some new characters in this chapter, such as Chun and the mysterious man who I don’t want to fully disclose yet. 🙂

Chapter 3: The Master’s Dojo

Sam was rather annoyed by his current situation, as well as his current location. The scientist known as “Thomas Seagull” had taken Sam into a strange underground passageway located underneath his laboratory/classroom. Sam was astounded to learn that the government had built underground sections beneath the space colonies themselves! Sam was awestruck by the real rocks coating the nearby walls and the actual dirt beneath his feet. He had no time to stop and admire it all, as Thomas motioned with his hand for Sam to follow him. Sam followed Thomas blindly through this strange maze of rocks and dirt, trying his best not to get freaked out by the numerous rats that were crawling through the area. Sam had always hated rats with a passion, it was one of his least favorite animals!

Sam and Thomas continued through the underground for what seemed like ages. Sam walked behind Thomas, despite his legs being tired from all the exercise he was getting! Sam’s attire had been caked with bits of dirt, a byproduct of being this deep underground. Despite being impatient and nervous, Sam kept his mouth shut and didn’t say a single thing. Sam was a respectful person and knew that whatever Thomas had to show him was important.

Eventually, Thomas stopped Sam and motioned above. Sam looked upwards and noticed a series of small wooden planks situated above. “There’s out exit, rookie!” Sam stared at the planks in awe, wondering what was behind them. Was this “dojo” that Thomas mentioned some kind of secret base? Or was it some kind of computer-room filled with high-tech technology? Whatever it was, Sam was about to find out!

Thomas reached his arms up and pressed his hands against the two boards. Thomas pressed on the boards firmly and started to dislodge them from their resting place. As Thomas did so, several rocks situated near the boards were pried loose and toppled towards Sam! Sam moved out of the way as the rocks came towards him, causing the bits of stone to harmlessly fall to the ground. Thomas looked over at Sam, who was frowning and not too pleased with the situation. Thomas chuckled awkwardly as he continued to press on the boards. “Whoops, sorry about that! Sometimes I’m a little too forceful when it comes to prying these boards away.” Stated Thomas in an apologetic ton of voice. Sam easily accepted Thomas’ apology, as his frown quickly uprooted itself into a smile. “It’s alright!” Exclaimed Sam, as Thomas returned his smile with one of his own.

Thomas then proceeded to push the two wooden boards upwards, dislodging them completely. Light filtered into the dark cavern as Thomas picked up the two discarded boards. He then proceeded to toss them out of the hole, causing them to land on the ground outside the cavern. Thomas then gripped some nearby rocks and climbed up them until he reached the opening. He then proceeded to hoist himself into the light as Sam tried his best to follow suit. Sam awkwardly gripped the rocks as best he could and haphazardly lifted himself upwards. Sam reached the opening and peaked his head through.

He was surprised to find that he was in some kind of large pantry. The wooden walls were lined with shelves, which were filled with various foodstuffs. Sam dusted off his clothing as he looked at all the strange foodstuffs that decorated the room. They appeared to be foreign delicacies, the kinds of food Sam had never seen before. “Where are we?” Asked Sam , as he glanced around at all the bizarre kinds of food that were placed across the room. “We are in the storage closet of my dojo, young one! Follow me and your training shall begin.” Replied Thomas.

Thomas stretched his arms up in the air and then proceed to lower them back down to his sides. Thomas then walked briskly across the stone floor until reaching a wooden door at the back of the storage room. Sam followed behind Thomas, as the scientist happily gripped the door-knob. Thomas slowly opened the door, which squeaked loudly as it slid open. A stronger source of light filtered in from outside the storage closet. Once the door was fully opened, Thomas stepped through with Sam following behind him.

The two stepped into what appeared to be a restaurant. The restaurant was unlike any establishment Sam had ever been to before! The walls were colored red and had strange golden squares situated in the middle of them. The carpet along the floor had oriental symbols situated atop it. There were various seats situated across the interior of the restaurant and each one was kept pristine and well-kept. Despite the well-kept nature of the building, very people were actually there. Only an old-couple and a small family were eating dinner there.

As Sam looked around, a man approached both him and Thomas. This man wore what appeared to be gold-colored oriental robes. The man appeared to be of Asian descent and had a very kindly demeanor. He smiled as he made his way over to the two. “Hello again, Thomas!” Thomas returned the man’s smile with one of his own. “Hey there, Chun! How’s it going today?” Chun’s smile soon turned into a frown as he shrugged his shoulders. “Well, it could be better my friend.” Thomas’ smile waned a bit as he furrowed his eyebrows, “Did something happen?” Asked Thomas, to which Chun responded by shaking his head. “It’s not that something is the matter, it’s just… I have a very strange feeling. Like something bad is going to happen.”

Sam stared at the two as they talked, as he too took notice of the strange ominous feeling. However, Thomas snapped him back to reality by snapping his fingers in front of the young man’s face. “Earth to Sam!” Sam gave his head a good shake as he snapped to attention. “Yes, Thomas?” Thomas grinned as he threw his arm around Chun’s shoulders. “This is my friend and owner of this restaurant, the man known as Chun! We go back a long time. The two of us used to run an online for a very old video-game.” Chun winked as he nudged Thomas with his fist. “Considering how much we updated that game, it never stopped being new! The people owning it now update it much more than we do.”

Sam’s eyes lit up at the mention of the words “video-games”. Sam loved video-games! “Ooh, what game was it?” Asked Sam as he broke out of his nervous persona and started acting like a giddy ten year old. Sam’s body fidgeted around excitedly as the two friends grinned collectively and exchanged glances. “We can tell you all about it later, Sam. For now, I’ve got to talk to Chun at the back of the restaurant. In the meantime, feel free to walk around the restaurant. When I get back, I’m going to show you the finest cuisine in all of Ginga!” Sam nodded excitedly. “That sounds fun, sure!” And with that, both Chun and Thomas vacated to the back of the restaurant, leaving Sam completed alone.

The young adult then proceeded to wander about the interior of the building. Sam’s feet gracefully walked through the very clean building. Sam walked past lit candles, gold-colored tables, and decorative Chinese plates. As Sam walked through the restaurant, he found himself mysteriously drawn to a table in the back. There appeared to be only one man seated at this table, yet his presence was strangely enticing. Sam walked towards the man, but as he did he felt his more energetic personality starting to fade. With each step, his nervousness returned. That excited and jittery person that was here just moments ago was returned to his state of anxiousness and awkwardness.

Despite Sam’s nervous demeanor, he continued to approach the mysterious man. Once Sam reached the man, he found himself unable to speak. Sam’s voice was lost in his throat as he stood in front of the man. The man wore a plain white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He was roughly 5 feet tall and was completely bald. The man wore a pair of expensive brown shoes that he tapped anxiously against the steel part of the table. The man had single white plate in front of him with an orange laid out across it. The main appeared to be peeling the orange, but had his eyes trained on Sam’s face whilst doing so. To outside eyes, this man seemed completely normal. However, this strange man had some kind of strange power. Sam knew that this man wasn’t normal, he just knew it.

“Are you lost?” Asked the man in a British accent, as he looked up at Sam. “I-I don’t think so. Sorry if I’m bothering you, I just… Came up here for some reason.” The man turned his head back towards his orange as he continued to peal it. “No one ever does anything for a reason, boy, so don’t feel ashamed about it. A reason is just an excuse and an excuse is just a lie. A person does something not because they want to, but because they feel that the want to.”

Sam’s legs started twitching nervously, there was something commanding about this man’s presence, something strange and unnerving. “W-Who are you?” The man stopped for a moment as he put his knife down. “Who am I? I’ve just come to see what’s going on, I primarily observe. Now, leave me, I have things to do and oranges to peel.” Sam’s body then started to move on its own as if he was possessed. He turned his body away from the man and started to walk off. As he walked away, he managed to turn his head and look back at the table… Only to find it completely empty. The man, or rather being had disappeared. Sam questioned if the man was real to begin with.

Once Sam had taken several steps, he found that his body was in his control once more. Sam breathed a sigh of relief, once again being able to move on his own. Despite this, Sam’s skin was pale white. Sam hadn’t even fought any aliens yet, and he was already a nervous wreck. As Sam stood there, Thomas walked up to him. “Hey there, Sam, we’re finished and I…” Thomas looked at the flushed expression on Sam’s face and froze temporarily. “Sam, are you… Alright?” Sam nodded and wiped the sweat off his face. “Y-Yeah, I’m fine. I-I-I-It’s just been a long day.” Thomas nodded and took the palm of his hand and used it to noogie Sam’s long head of hair. “Well, I apologize but this day will be a bit longer. We have some things we need to discuss. Come on, let’s grab a seat!”

And with that, Thomas lead Sam to a seat at the back of the restaurant. As Sam walked past the various tables, he noticed the table that the man was sitting at earlier now gone. It had somehow disappeared, just like the man who was sitting there before! Sam didn’t bring attention to this or say anything, this day was weird enough already. Sam fought the urge to discuss the man, as he thought it would sour the mood. Sam put aside what happened and sat down with Thomas to discuss some important issues…


Samuel Ash And The Blades Of Ginga Chapter 2

Short Story

Author’s Note: Some may ask the significance of the number “22” in the story thus far.I have used the number a lot so it’s an honest question to ask. Well, you see the number 22 is what I consider to be my lucky number. 22 was my favorite numbered channel as a kid, 22 was the best year of my life, etc. So, to me the number 22 has a positive connotation. I feel that when I put it into a story I’m infusing the story with my luck. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the story since it’s been in the pipelines for a bit!

Chapter 2: Training Day

Samuel breathed deeply, he didn’t know how exactly to phrase what he was going to say. “Well, you see… I joined solely to learn about Long-Sword’s pilot. I want to know who he is!” The holographic general stared at the young man in shock. “Long-Sword’s pilot? Why would you want to know about him?” Samuel sighed and looked at the general, finally making eye-contact with someone for the first time that entire day. “It is because of my family. Even since I was young I was bullied and abused because everyone thought my family was related to Long-Sword’s pilot, the man who caused the great tragedy. People think this way because my family lived on the exact same street as the pilot and also because my great-grandfather had a military background. On top of this, we are the only family on our street to have not taken part in the “Perfect Birth” program. My lineage believed a birth was perfect on its own!”

The general looked at Samuel and began to grit his virtual teeth. The Perfect Birth program was something Williams did not like to think about. It was a program set in place after Long-Sword’s betrayal and it was project commissioned by Williams’ himself. The project was meant to be used to alter human births so that the new humans wouldn’t develop any sort of mental problems or psychological issues. This was done so that the Long-Sword incident never happened again. Many families were against this as they felt their children were perfect the way they were.

Both Williams and the AI that now represented him greatly resented this decision. As such, those that became known as “Imperfect Births” were allowed all of the same rights that the new race of humans were. Samuel himself was an imperfect birth and ended up being born with “Aspergers”. It was a learning disability that results in some socially-awkward behavior from time to time. Samuel didn’t mind having it, in fact he thought that it made his life much more interesting. Williams stared at Samuel as he cleared his non-existent throat. “So, is there anything specifically you wanted to know about him?”

Samuel twitched his fingers around nervously as beads of sweat dripped down the side of his head. The sides of his face began to itch, something that happened often when he felt nervous or anxious. “Well… I want to know if I’m his descendant.” The general frowned, not exactly sure about what he should tell the young man. “And if you are related to him, what then?” Asked the general. Sam thought about the general’s question for a full minute, before uttering an emotionless response: “I’ll figure it out once I know.” The general blinked in confusion, right before breaking into laughter. This action confused Samuel greatly. “I see! You are definitely an interesting young man. Normally, asking that kind of question would get you court-marshaled. Heck, I can’t even give you that kind of information. Well, not at the moment anyways.”

Samuel scratched at his head in confusion. “What do you mean by that?” The AI let out a digitized cough in response. “I can only give you that info once you serve under the military for an entire year. Ginga and the other colonies need defending and the enemies are mounting attacks on a consistent basis. Our army needs the help of our candidates, who are the pilots of our Blades. Look, we need your help and you need ours. You’ve passed the performance tests, simply serve your duty for a whole year and I will provide you with the information.”

A whole year?! In Sam’s mind that was a bit too long, especially due to the constant threat of death this job entailed. Sam thought he should just leave, but then realized that there was no point. Sam would live with the constant thought of who Long-Sword’s pilot was. It would pierce his mind and soul until the end of his days, he would never know if the hero-turned-monster was his ancestor or not. Sam knew the price for this information was steep, but he needed to know. Sam knew he could not talk an AI out of a programming, so he decided to just roll with it. The young man took a deep breath and stood up straight. “Yes, sir! I will serve under this military outfit for the next year and I’ll hold you to this promise.” The AI nodded. “Don’t worry, I am programmed to keep my word. Now, I request you speak with our engineer, Thomas Seagull. He will get you set up with all the information you need.”

Sam nodded and turned to leave. As Sam turned to leave, the AI noticed Sam’s attire. Specifically, the top button on Sam’s shirt was undone. “Also, Sam, button the top button your shirt. I’m sorry if I’m being bothersome, the man who I was programmed to be like was a bit of fussbudget.” Sam smiled nervously and nodded. “S-Sure!” Sam didn’t like when people brought up his top button being undone. It wasn’t something he did to be a rebel, it just annoyed him greatly. Sam had his reasons for not buttoning his shirt, something he didn’t like other people knowing about. Sam then left the office and ventured out into the hallway. Sam traveled through the hallway into a large tube-shaped hallway. This hallway was made out of unbreakable glass and showed off the exterior of the station. Sam looked through the glass and into the vastness of space, entranced by the stars.

Shimmering comets soared through the dark vastness that was the galaxy, setting Sam’s imagination ablaze. Never had the young man seen such a glorious display of cosmic delight. Sam walked as slowly as he could down the hallway, drinking in the beauty of the scene around him. However, like all great things it eventually had to come to an end. Sam reached the end of the hallway and in the middle sat a rather large door. Sam opened the door and found himself in what appeared to be some sort of odd laboratory. Scattered bit of mechanical items were strewn across the tiled floor. Tattered blueprints covered in coffee stains covered the walls and bits of broken chalk were scattered across a gnarled chalkboard.

As Sam admired the weirdness of the lab, he was suddenly started to hear strange shuffling sounds. Sam turned his attention to the floor beneath him, which appeared to be wear the bizarre sounds were emanating from. Sam lowered himself onto his hands and knees as he slowly moved his head towards the floor. Once he was close enough, Sam heard bizarre sounds coming from beneath the tiles. Sam jerked his head back once he noticed the tiles starting to move. A strange vibrating circulated the set of tiles below Sam, causing the young man to back away. The tiles shook as if some ungodly being was tunneling through them. The tiles split apart as a large drill-like object burst through the tiled floors. Sam stood there in panic, fearing that the enemy was here and ready to attack.

Within moments, the tiles have been split apart by the drills. The tiles breaking caused a thin cloud of dust to circulate the lab. Sam covered his face as the dust and debris circulated the lab. After a few minutes it died down as a man emerged from where the tiles had once been. This man was lanky and stood at a height that was roughly 5 to 6 feet tall. He wore a lab-coat covered in dust and dirt and had a pair of musty goggles adorning his eyes. The man also wore a half-mask the covered the lower part of his face and possessed a head of curly black hair. The man removed his half-mask revealing the face of a rather handsome gentleman underneath. “I take it you’re here for training, I suppose?” Questioned the lab-coat-wearing man.

“Uh… Yeah, I am!” Replied the young man in a rather nervous tone, “I’m Samuel Ash.” The lab-coat-wearing man smirked and popped off his goggles. “I’m Thomas Seagull, head-engineer in charge of repairing the Blades. I’m also your instructor as well, due to some rather unsightly budget cuts. Regardless, it’s good to meet you, Sam!” Thomas reached his hand out for a shake. Sam twitched nervously as he moved his arm towards Sam’s. Sam gripped Thomas’ hand firmly as Thomas took notice of the amount of sweat emanating from his associate’s fingers and palms. “Nothing to be nervous about, Sam! I won’t eat you. I was just tunneling through the floors for… Some personal reasons.” Sam started to sweat even more. “P-Personal reasons?! Were you hiding a dead body in there?!”

Thomas paused for a moment as his lips twitched awkwardly, forming into an even larger smile. Thomas tried to hold back his laughter but broke out into a fit of hysterical cackling. “A dead body? Wow, that’s one hell of a conclusion to jump to! No, my friend, I am not a murderer or some kind of miscreant. This tunnel is actually a short cut I dug myself, it leads to my dojo. It is the classroom where I shall teach you all I know and it has centuries of history behind it.” Sam’s eyes opened wide as he stared at Thomas. “W-What is it?” Thomas tossed Sam a pair of a goggles and chuckled to himself. “Follow me and find out!” Sam shrugged and put on the goggle. Sam followed Thomas into the open hole as the two entered into the darkness of the underground. Sam was curious but at the same very afraid of where Thomas was leading him. He knew the only way he’d learn about the Blades is to follow Thomas’ lead, but was this man really all that trustworthy? Sam was about to find out.