Robotech: The Wasted Potential

When it comes to 80s television, there wasn’t a whole lot of stand-out shows. The TV programs that did stand out in this era often found a niche audience, and some are often lauded as classics. I talked about particular 80s show, a cartoon called “Galaxy Rangers”. What made Galaxy Rangers unique for its time, […]

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Samurai Jack In Theaters?!

So, a couple days ago it was announced that Samurai Jack would be getting a theatrical presentation. The series revolved around a nameless samurai who was thrown forwards in time to the future, where the demon Aku had seized control. For the longest time, we were told that the series would end with Samurai Jack […]

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First Impressions: Miitopia

I’ll admit something, I’ve never been a fan of Nintendo’s “Miis”. For over three console generations, Nintendo has tried to push these customize-able avatars onto its audience. This on its own isn’t bad, but Nintendo kept trying to make these paper-doll characters a household name. They were in several games, including ones where they were […]

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