Happy Birthday, Lou!

It’s my sister’s birthday in a couple days, so I thought I’d mention that in my blog today since she’s coming over tonight! Yep, I’m gonna wish her a good one. I often refer to her as “Lou”, as a sort of nickname. Not sure if she’d want her name up on the blog here, […]

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Just Started My Week Off!

Yesterday, I started my week off from work. I thought it was time for break, time to relax and reflect but also to try and get my bearings straight. I’m also applying for new jobs and trying to find something new that takes advantage of my Administrative Assistant diploma. I’m sure I’ll find something eventually! […]

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Why Is Dragon Quest So Awesome?!

I seriously just started playing the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII, and man I’m enjoying it! I had never played Dragon Quest before this, and I found myself both engaged and enthralled. It’s weird that this is the first time I ever played this game, as I like both dragons and quests! I guess […]

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