Samuel Ash And The Blades Of Ginga

Author’s Note: Long time no see, everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been a little busy with college and just didn’t feel like writing much for a while. But I’m back and I figured out what I want to write on this blog: Everything. I want to write everything I find fun and interesting and share new short stories and reviews with ya’ guys. So, I hope you enjoy and I got some new content on the way. This is a short story I thought up a while back and I might expand it into a full series given the chance.


It’s hard to believe how far technological advancement can go in the course of a few years. Within only a decade or two, we humans can come up with technological advancements that greatly dwarf those we’ve seen in the past. However, imagine what we could create in just a few centuries? In the year 2299, technology had advanced so much that it made all of the achievements made in the first 22 centuries pale in comparison.

In this year of 2299, humans live out in space. The earth had met its match in the year 2142 when a noxious cloud of gas tore through the ozone layer. This cloud was deadly to the touch and was almost like a force of god. It killed many people and drove the remaining members of the human race off of this once-bountiful planet. Some believe this cloud of gas was being controlled by some ungodly force. Some believe it was a rapture from god himself, who was displeased with our advancements. Nevertheless, the planet was forever barred to us and we were forced out into heavily advanced spaceships. One would think that the harshness of space would have claimed what was left of our species. However, the galaxy had opened up to us, allowing us to visit other planets and species. This allowed for humans to acquire things they need from other races. Things such as water and oil are easily acquired from trading with other planets and within a few years humans had acquired the means to survive.

Our race started to grow and repopulate itself, with each passing year our numbers increased. From the poultry 4 million humans that went into space, we now numbered 3 billion after about 62 years of living outside our home planet. It still paled in comparison to the number of people that used to dwell on earth, but it was still welcomed. We built great cities in space, creating new living quarters for our species. These cities grew larger as we acquired assistance from neighboring planets. These cities were a testament to our adaptability as a race. Our race saw an era of peace as it worked to befriend neighboring planets and space-stations. The alien races were diplomatic with us, not wanting to tread on our toes in the slightest. They were fair and reasonable and very accommodating. One would think with earth’s history we’d be a little nervous about trusting beings who look different than us. However, humans do learn from history and despite our physical differences, we still trusted these bizarre space creatures.

It seemed like the former denizens of earth has finally found a way to make peace with all those who surround it. Unfortunately, peace doesn’t always last and earth soon found itself at war with an unknown race of beings. This race of beings appeared out of nowhere in the year 2204 and made their presence instantly known. These creatures called themselves “The One True Existence” and attacked us as well as any neighboring planets. They fought us with strange mechanical giants they referred to as “Mechs”. These giant robots were stronger than most of our artillery so we had to find a better way to counter them.

The human race always had the ingenuity to survive and adapt with any situation, and soon had the means to do so. Scientists, engineers, and the leaders of our race came together to formulate the creation of mechanical titans that could be used to fight against the race of beings that had threatened us. Mechanics got to work as blueprints were drawn up of what would be our mechanical defenders. The greatest minds of our world had come together to create gigantic mechanized warriors.

We called these gigantic robots, “The Blades Of Space”. In Medieval times, humans had fought with blade and steel. We decided to honor these great warriors of our past and named each mech after a bladed weapon used in those times. It took us a while, but after about several months of rigorous building and testing, we created our first Blade. We named this mech, “Long-Sword”. We chose the greatest pilot candidate we could find to control the giant. He asked that his name and identity be kept confidential, so the legendary pilot went forever unnamed in the history books. When Long-Sword fought against the enemy for the first time, we knew that we had created a truly great weapon.

The glowing alien mechs couldn’t stand against the might of Long-Sword. He destroyed a good chunk of their force away. The One True Existence fought Long-Sword continually over the course of a few years. The pilot of Long-Sword was stressed due to the conditions of piloting the mechanical robot. He started talking to himself and murmured strange noises in the midst of combat. Little did we know at the time was that Long-Sword’s pilot was going insane. This all came to a head in the year 2207. We had been fighting the enemy for 3 years now and Long-Sword had been upgraded much since then.

The Blade had been equipped with various weapons and armaments. Long-Sword had truly become a weapon of destruction by this point. Unfortunately, the pilot became one as well. His mind had been fractured by all of the complex controls, the constant destruction, and the fear of the unknown. The pilot stopped trusting humans, aliens, and even animals. He had become a loner and the only living thing he trusted was his disheveled mind.

It all occurred upon that fateful day of April 15th. The unknown pilot made his way into the launching platform. The pilot was making an unscheduled launch and had planned to wipe out the enemy on his own. He intended to kill every last alien in one attack and stand above the enemy. He fought the creatures with everything he had and pushed the enemy back. He killed several of his enemies, even those who begged for mercy or had surrendered. His terrifying skills and prowess scared both friend and enemy alike.

That day, the pilot earned the name “Space Demon”. After mercilessly slaughtering the enemy, they escaped through a wormhole. Long-Sword’s pilot wasn’t finished however, he still thirsted for blood. He hungered for battle and his mind was as dangerous as his Blade. He turned his Blade on the colonies and began an assault on those he had sworn to protect. However, one colony known as “Ginga” had predicted his betrayal. The general known as Lance Williams engineered the destruction of Long-Sword.

He fired missiles at the powerful mech, bombarding the mechanical frame and the pilot. Both Long-Sword’s pilot and the mech were decimated by the assault. Bits and pieces of the robot flew off, as did the arms of the mechanized giant. The pilot was forced into a corner and did the one thing that he had never done before: Flee. The pilot sailed away into the vast unending sea of stars, never to be seen again.

The crew of the colonies weren’t sure what to make of Long-Sword and its pilot. Do they acknowledge him as a hero or a villain? He saved them, yet attacked them afterwards. The leaders of the colonies were honest with their people and told them of the brave pilot who lost control of his own sanity. To this day, people aboard the colony don’t know what caused his insanity. Was it constantly being sent out to battle? Was it the stress of controlling his mecha? Or was it some outside force? Nobody knew, yet they still sought out the answers to the event.

Since then, the colonies decided to start building new mechs. They learned their lesson with Long-Sword’s pilot, they were going to condition these pilots to be mentally ready for the harshness of space and battle. They were going to monitor the brains of the pilots and make sure they were int top physical and mental condition. The new Blades were made after several years of hard work. They were now dubbed “The Blades Of Ginga” after the colony that drove off the hero turned enemy.

The mechs were readied and tested vigirously. The pilots were trained, yet combat never came. The colonies saw a very long period of peace that continued to the year 2299. During that time, the colonies trained new pilots in anticipation of a future threat. On April 15th, 2299 The One True Existence returned to attack the colonies once more.

The denizens of the colony repelled the first assault, but then it came time to ready the new pilots. The former denizens of earth had chosen a group of unlikely pilots to control their greatest weapons. These people were selected not just because of the skills they possessed, but also because of the potential they had. These brave men, women, and non-human creatures were the human’s greatest hope. Thus begun a battle, a proving ground, and a grand adventure. Thus began the Second Grand War Of Space…

Runescape: Should I Play It?

This game is super old, but I’ve been meaning to go and give Runescape 2 another go. It was a fun game back in the day, but I don’t think it has aged very well. Runescape Classic and Runescape 2 are enjoyable experiences don’t get me wrong but they haven’t really changed with the times. Still, they are a fun little time-sink for those of you who enjoy classic MMOs.

The New Danger Mouse Series Is Pretty Good So Far

I started watching the new Danger Mouse series upon its premiere a few weeks back. I’m enjoying it a lot, but I have to admit that it is not as good as the original Danger Mouse. If you watched the original series, than you would probably find it ahead of its time. For a cartoon in the 80s, it was very self-referential and goofy. There weren’t a lot of cartoons back then that were just a self-parody of its own concepts. Danger Mouse never took itself all that seriously, which allowed for some very well-written comedy.

The series itself revolves around a mouse named Danger Mouse and his hamster sidekick Penfold as they took on a large number of villains. It was up to the two to face against many threats while protecting the world and their homeland of England. The reboot follows the same general concept, except it has a larger animation budget and the animals in the series are now human-sized unlike before. It’s a pretty unique and fun series even though it could be a bit better. The original series was ahead of its time and because of that I feel the reboot is behind the times. Still, it’s a fun show with a lot of heart and character to it. I don’t think the new DM will ever measure up to the original, but I still think it is a great series.

Halloween Coming Up!

It’s only two weeks away and I’m super excited for it. I’m not going to be dressing up, but I’ll certainly have some fun and watch a spooky movie or TV show. Probably Twilight Zone, but I wouldn’t mind watching X-Files which is a show I never really got the chance to watch. It will certainly be a fun time for all!

The New Kamen Rider Series Is Awesome!

It’s surprisingly entertaining, considering I couldn’t really get invested in the last series at all. Kamen Rider Drive was just not my cup of tea, but I found Kamen Rider Ghost to be far more entertaining. It revolves around a young ghost hunter who dies and comes back as the eponymous Kamen Rider Ghost. With new found superpowers, Ghost must attain 15 mystical artifacts known as Eyecons within 99 days in order to fully resurrect. If not, he will be forced to pass on to the afterlife.

While doing so, Ghost must fight against mysterious ghost-like monsters who appear invisible to normal humans. Using his new powers, he must battle them while calling upon the spirits of dead heroes the likes of Miyamoto Musashi and Isaac Newton (Who isn’t a hero but the guy who discovered gravity) But yeah, it’s an entertaining series despite only a few episodes being out at the time of me posting this. It’s still certainly a fun show though and I’ll be tuning in for later episodes.

Hey Everyone!

Hello, once again all those who are reading this blog. I’ve got some good news, Thanksgiving is coming! It’s time to take break from and relax, carve some turkey and have some. Well, at least on the Canadian side of this continent. Unfortunately for Americans, they have to almost a whole month to delight in the merrymaking. Oh well, every country has its pros and cons. I’m certainly looking forward to the Thanksgiving festivities.

Starting College In A Month

I plan to enroll in some office administration courses coming up here. I’m naturally nervous about it, but I’m going to give it my all! I’ll keep updating the blog and try to keep it updated on a consistent basis. I want to keep this blog going, because I have so much to discuss and talk about and I love using this blog as a rambling space. It’s a fun way to relax after hard day at work.

Just Saw The Newest Super Hero Taisen

It left a lot to be desired. The problem with the film that it takes classic characters, has them killed off by a brand new character they just shove into the film and have a lot of pointless fan-service. Look, I love Kamen Rider, and I love all eras of the show. This includes Showa, Heisei, and Neo-Heisei. Unfortunately, this film fails to properly adapt any era.

You had a bunch of classic Riders all played by their original actors, but most of the film focus on Kamen Rider 3. Kamen Rider 3 is an entirely new character, but he feels like a bunch of different Kamen Riders pasted together in an attempt to make someone new and interesting. He kills off Kamen Rider 1 and 2 in the first five minutes with zero effort and trounces Kamen Rider V3 midway through the film. It’s not that I’m opposed to adding new characters in order to spice things up, but Kamen Rider 3 felt way to overpowered for his own good.

Most of the film involves him fighting everyone off with relative ease, something that shouldn’t be possible for 3. You see, Kamen Rider 3 has elements of a Showa rider as well as a Neo-Heisei rider, but shouldn’t be able to easily fight the other Riders. Kamen Rider 3 defeats almost everyone he encounters and his appearance overshadows Kamen Rider Drive, who is supposed to be the hero of the film. Generally, I thought the motion picture was disappointing but it wasn’t really the worst film I had ever seen. It had its issues, but I still enjoy it for what it was and what it attempted to do.