Going To See Cap 3 Tomorrow

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Captain America 3: Civil War for years, YEARS! The very idea of this film has me absolutely ecstatic! I love crossovers, as pointless as some of them may be. Crossovers are a good way to introduce multiple characters to different generations of fans. I’ve heard so many good things […]

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Nearly Done My College Course!

It’s hard to believe it has been 6 months since I started this course at this business college. It’s a college with a very flexible college and let’s you finish fairly quick if you want to. The course I find to be approachable and I’ve learned a lot that I plan to apply to real-life. […]

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Star Wars Day In 2 Days!

I am so pumped about this! I plan to spend most of the day (After getting back from college, that is) playing Knights Of The Old Republic or watching Star Wars: Clone Wars. I am going to celebrate this nerdy holiday in style! I love Star Wars, so having an entire holiday dedicated to it […]

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