Dream Journal Entry #1: The Reality Show

I decided it’d be cool if I started posting up some of my dreams here, as they can get pretty surreal. Do not worry, they are age appropriate dreams, no dirty stuff here. Just silly bizarre dream imagery. Without further ado…

Dream #1: The Reality Show

In this dream, I was back in school. I was student in some grade-school classroom when the teacher brought out a television. On this TV was a VHS tape featuring a crappy live-action show of kids just goofing off and talking to the camera. I was also on this show, taped at a much earlier date. When the episode started playing, the kids in the classroom laughed at the cheap production values. Scenes featuring me involved me wearing a sideways ball-cap and skating around on a skate-board. After the episode aired, the episode went viral and became an internet meme. I became part of this bizarre sensation and a small-time fad of the week.

Sadly, I woke up shortly after that part so I unfortunately cannot tell you more. I have some other written down, which I hope to post at a later date. My apologies if it is a short dream, I usually tend to have mini-dreams that don’t amount to a whole lot. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy your day and possibly enjoy this silly dream journal.