The Un-Education System

Something that happened to me about a month back was a rather ignorant phone chat with a most unlikable school admin. You see, I was planning on applying at a course at particular college in order to broaden my horizons and get better paying office jobs. I had sent an e-mail to the college requesting […]

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The Electronic Disappointment Expo

E3 has come and gone once again and has shown us how low the money-grubbing videogame developers would stoop in order to wrestle the coins away from our wallets. Trailers full of promises that they can’t possibly keep, lies about technology, or Kickstarter drives shoved into the conference in an attempt to gauge interest instead […]

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Ant-Man Coming Out Soon!

Anyone looking forward to this movie? I can’t say I’m overly excited about it, but I’ll definitely see it. I like the idea of superheroes have shrinking powers, it’s a pretty unique power that is underused in the superhero world. The movie looks pretty awesome and I look forward to seeing what they do with […]

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Dragon’s Crown Review

A lot of people forget the olden times, the archaic era of arcade machines and primitive home consoles. Graphics weren’t the best, the games were brutally hard and unforgiving, and most of all the games were fun. This was most true with the genre of games known as “Arcade Beat-Em-Ups”. These games were designed to […]

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