The Powerpuff Girls Reboot & The Original

Alright, so I recently watched a couple episodes of the Powerpuff Girls Reboot (Which was recently released on iTunes) and thought it was kind of bland. As a kid, I would catch episodes of the original Powerpuff Girls on TV. It was a show that could be pretty disturbing at times, despite being marketed towards little girls. The show revolved around three little super-powered girls named Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup who are the titular Powerpuff Girls. They generally fight crime and be all adorable for their 7-10 year old demographic. Surprisingly, the show delved into topics most other kid shows would shy away from. Heck, some of the imagery is enough to drive a person away.

Some episodes were just flat out weird as well. One episode involved Mojo Jojo turning everyone into dogs, and then another episode was basically a rehash of that same episode. There was another episode where the Justice Friends from Dexter’s Lab showed up, pretty much confirming the shows take place in the same universe. Calling the original show a girl’s show is kind of a difficult thing to do. It was marketed towards girls, but you can tell the creative team was fighting the network and trying to get it closer to the original vision. That original vision was “Whoopass Stew” a darker and more violent version of what we eventually got. The 3 minute pilot ended with the Powerpuff Girls (Being called the “Whoopass Girls” in this version) flying into space and brutally melting the Amoeba Boys on the surface of the sun.

And now we have the reboot which is kind of disappointing. I can’t call myself a huge fanboy of the original series, but it is hard to get invested in this new show. The art-style is okay, at times. The girls look alright (Though they seem slightly chunky at times) yet all the background characters look terrible. It was like they were drawn for an entirely differently show, they just looked out of place. The new voice actresses replacing the old ones are pretty good, but they just don’t sound as good as the originals nor do they capture the energy the older versions of the PPG had. The structure of the episodes seem bland and generic, something the old show would often make fun of. All in all, I cannot reccomend this new series it just does not capture the magic of the old show. I’m sure it will get better in time, but it is hard to go from the original to the new show. I reccomend at least checking it out if you are curious though.


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