The Nintendo Switch is a powerful beast and a very hot item right now, due to the sheer accessibility of the console. The machine can be used as either a home console, or a handheld device. It’s a simplistic gimmick, but it works! Due to this selling point, everyone rushed to get the console as soon as they could.

It helps that the console has a ton of third-party support, as well as a large game library. More and more games come out for the console with each passing month, which is something I greatly appreciate. While there are a ton of Switch games I plan on getting already, there are also a bunch on other platforms that I’d like to see brought over here. One such game I’d like to see ported is a semi-obscure sci-fi game.

Sci-fi is just something I can’t get enough of. There are many sci-fi video-games out there, but one of the most well-known ones is the Xeno series. The Xeno franchise is a pretty interesting series that has jumped from console to console, while creating multiple different continuities. The franchise’s entry on the Nintendo Wii U was sure a unique one, since it acted as a spiritual sequel to the first game in the franchise.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is what happens when you take the mech combat from Xenogears, and mix it with the massive open-world exploration found in Skyrim. You play as a person awakened from the pod, and are thrust into a massive world filled with giant robots and space creatures.

I’ve always wanted to play Chronicles X, but never had anything to play it on. The game was released exclusively to Wii U, a console which I never owned. It’s a shame too, because this was one of the only games on the console that truly enticed me. If Wii U had more big-budget open-world games like this, I would’ve certainly taken the plunge and bought one.

Sadly, they released this game on an under-performing console that was near the end of its lifespan. It was doomed to failure and nothing could save it from that. While the game did sell poorly, its follow-ups on the Switch sold much better. While it’s doubtful that we’ll ever get a full remake of this game on Switch, I certainly wouldn’t mind a sequel.

To me, this feels like a game that would do well on Switch. A lot of this comes down to the Switch just being a better selling console, and having a larger built-in fan-base when it comes to Xenoblade. I can see why X would be hard to bring over to Switch, since it is truly a massive game. With 5 large continents to explore, tons of customization options, and hundreds of quests to complete, it’s certainly a staggering prospect.

If the game does return, I hope it’s soon. I’ve only gotten into the Xenoblade series recently, starting with the Torna expansion for Xenoblade 2. I wouldn’t mind playing the first game, X, and 2’s base game as well. Having the entire franchise available on one console would definitely be a great idea. Here’s hoping that they can pull it off at some point!


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